The ‘R’ word

Greetings from England Scott,

Loooong time reader – started with your pre-millenium (milenium?) Netcop rants!

Why do you think Wrestlers find it so hard to retire? Can understand injuries and finances being a factor, but some of the current older guard (Kane, Taker, Goldust, Jericho etc) just seem to keep going regardless?

Also, would you mind giving me a plug? I wrote a pretty good song called The Reasons You Rule and made a crappy video for it- 

All the best!

​I think it's just that they love the business and/or don't really know how to do anything else.  ​The standard line from any wrestler is that they're going to retire and become a motivational speaker, but I think Marc Mero was about the only one to pull it off successfully.