Royal Rumble Predictions!

Hi Scott,

I predict the following for the 2018 Royal Rumble(s)

1.  Entrant number one or two (or both) will still be there when number thirty enters the ring.

2.  Everyone will lay around the edge of the ring for minutes at a time while big showdowns happen in the middle of the ring.

3. 90% of eliminations will involve grabbing your opponent loosely by the back of the neck, and running them to the ropes whereby they will politely jump out.

I'm feeling pretty confident with those predictions… because they now happen EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

I'm the biggest Rumble fan out there, but haven't enjoyed one since 2010.  Where has all the creativity gone?

​To Lucha Underground.  You should check out the Aztec Warfare episodes on Netflix if you've never seen them, they're AWESOME.  I gave the first one the full monty!​