Negative Reactions to The Last Jedi

Hey Scott,


Longtime reader of the blog. Enjoy your writing immensely. Only ever commented on the weekly 24 updates back in the day to proclaim my undying devotion to the one and only Jack Bauer.


As somebody that clearly liked it and has posted a positive review, are you surprised by the amount the negativity that has come out from a lot of hardcore fans? I can understand being a little disappointed in it because it did resolve
leftover questions from The Force Awakens in a manner that didn’t build to something bigger, but I personally loved the fact that I walked out of this movie without a bunch of unanswered questions and Episode IX can start with a relatively clean slate.


Are the hardcore fans taking their cue from Mark Hamill, who hasn’t been shy about voicing his objections with how Luke is portrayed? I love Hamill, but I think he romanticizes his character a little bit. Luke’s great, but he has always
been a bit of a brat who pouts and goes emo when things don’t go his way. I can think of several examples in Episodes IV and V. He also has never been a fighter. The only time he was good at it was the final battle with Vader in VI, and it took Vader playing
the Leia card to get Luke so angry that he tapped into super strength and then kicked his ass, but he had nothing for Old Man Emperor once the dark side lightning was busted out.  So, I thought Luke was portrayed perfectly in this movie (emo, guilt-ridden,
avoiding conflict, angry at the Force, then being snapped out of it by R2-D2 and Yoda, then using his mastery and experience in outsmarting Kylo at the end instead of fighting a hopeless battle). But, I’ve seen and watched a lot of people pissed the fuck off
because of Luke in general and how  he didn’t physically come back to fight and Disney is overall ruining the franchise and blah, blah, blah.


Anyway, love to hear your thoughts on it.


Personally, I really dug the movie. It’s not perfect and drags at times, but whatever. I thought Adam Driver was incredible. He has made Kylo Ren the most awesome, emo, goth, insecure jerk to ever live!



I'm pretty shocked with the backlash, I have to say.  It certainly wasn't perfect, but I thought it was way better than Force Awakens.  I kind of disliked the way JJ Lensflare set up all the "mysteries" that turned out to be red herrings in the first one, and I think a lot of the hatred stems from people creating fan fiction for themselves based on the implied parentage of Rey and then being disappointed by the lack of payoff that they had created in their mind.  Anyway, internet critics gonna critique, what can ya do?