WWF Superstars of Wrestling – October 13th, 1990

Just an update: My reviewing schedule will be more sporadic this month but I’ll primarily have all of my WWF stuff posted on a regular basis.


October 13, 1990

From the Toledo Sports Arena in Toledo, OH

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Roddy Piper

This week, the Ultimate Warrior will return as a guest on the “Brother Love Show.” Plus, an update on the condition of Jake Roberts. In action are Demolition, Jim Duggan, Orient Express, Saba Simba, and Dusty Rhodes


Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeats Paul Diamond in a match first shown on the 10/8 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling.”


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This week’s focus is on Rick Martel spraying Jake Roberts in the face with his Arrogance cologne during the “Brother Love Show.” We see a clip of that then we see Jake Roberts at the opthamologist office. Jake is wearing a bandage over his eyes as he wonders when he can see again. The bandage is removed as Jake says his eyes are burning. The opthamologist opens the eyes to put in eye drops then puts the bandage back on and says he will be evaluated next week as Jake just wants to be able to see. Now, we hear from Martel. He defends his actions by saying it was an accident then removes his glasses and smiles while offering an apology. They are going to have Martel insincerely apologize over what happened to Jake, who now might be blind as a result of getting Arrogance sprayed in his eyes as this story will be featured weekly on TV.


Demolition vs. Scott Colton & Earl Dennis & Brad Kramer

Vince wants WWF President Jack Tunney to only allow Demolition two members as Piper encourages fans to write letters saying this. Demolition take control and beat down their opponents as the announcers talk about their Survivor Series match. We now hear from the Legion of Doom in an insert promo as they do not care about Demolition having a 3 vs. 2 advantage because they do not run from anyone then Demolition put Kramer away with the Decapitation (2:55). After the match they hit the other two guys with the Decapitation.

Thoughts: The new story here is the announcers subtly trying to have fans write into the company to have one of Demolition’s members removed.


Dusty Rhodes vs. Al Burke

We hear from Dusty in an insert promo as he tells us dirty money bought Sapphire and that Ted DiBiase will pay the price, which is “blues and agony.” Dusty beats on Burke, who ducks outside for a breather. Dusty stays in control then puts Burke away with the bionic elbow drop (2:07).

Thoughts: More hype for the Dusty/DiBiase feud, which would intensify this weekend on “Saturday Night’s Main Event.”


The Barbarian w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Kent Carlson

The Barbarian destroys Carlson in the corner as the announcers put him over as a major threat. Heenan yells for Barbarian to hit Carlson harder and he does before hitting a flying clothesline for the win (1:46).

Thoughts: They hyped up The Barbarian’s size and strength on commentary as they are trying to make everyone involved in the Survivor Series at least appear somewhat important.


Brother Love Show with guest the Ultimate Warrior. Brother Love introduces Warrior as being afraid of a woman and even is own shadow. Warrior comes out with a small WWF gym bag. We see a clip of Queen Sherri slapping Warrior three times on the 9/8 Superstars show. Warrior said he left here last time to go on a hunt but learned that Macho King Randy Savage still hides behind Sherri’s skirt. He then believes Savage is running out of places to hide and has a present for Brother Love, which is a blond wig. Warrior forces Brother Love to wear the wig then pulls out a dress as Vince is laughing like an idiot. He makes Brother Love put on the dress then wants us all to look at Brother Love. Warrior forces Brother Love on his knees and asks if he feels the love then says he now walks as “Sister Love” while telling Savage he has one more place to hide. Vince was in his glory watching Warrior make Brother Love wear a wig and dress. And this segment the best interview/appearance from Warrior since winning the World Heavyweight Title. It was a nice counter to Sherri slapping him one month ago.


“Rugged” Ronnie Garvin & Major Yates vs. The Orient Express w/ Mr. Fuji

Sato backs Garvin into the corner and hits a few chops. Garvin fights back as we hear from The Bushwhackers in an insert promo claiming they can do anything the Orient Express does better as they attempt to eat popcorn with chopsticks before giving that up and shoving it down their throats. Ah, WWF political incorrectness. The Orient Express now beat down Yates until Sato puts him away with a sit-out powerbomb (2:27).

Thoughts: The Bushwhackers/Orient Express feud continues here. And Garvin would be gone from the company in a few weeks. At this time, the WWF cut the “C” shows from their house show schedules due to poor overall attendance numbers and it was rumored up to 15 guys would be let go as a result. Garvin would appear on the 10/15 episode of “Prime Time Wrestling” and not show up again. I’ll go more into the WWF house show struggles and rumored releases on my review of the 10/13 “Saturday Night’s Main Event” this Sunday.


Survivor Series Report with Gene Okerlund. We learn that The Dream Team (Dusty Rhodes & Hart Foundation & Koko B. Ware) will face The Million Dollar Team (Ted DiBiase & Rhythm & Blues & A mystery partner) then hear from some of the already announced teams on the PPV. They also pushed the “Ultimate Survival Match” that will take place at the end of the show.


Saba Simba vs. Black Bart

We hear from Akeem & Slick in an insert promo upset over Saba Simba claiming to be a real African. Simba beats on Bart then puts him away with a Samoan Drop (1:00).

Thoughts: Akeem had quit the company by the time this aired and that left Simba with nothing to do and he made a few more appearances until finishing up at the Royal Rumble.


Next week, we will see the debut of Shane Douglas. Also, Koko B. Ware vs. Sgt. Slaughter. Plus, Power & Glory, Texas Tornado, and the Legion of Doom. Plus, highlights of this weekend’s (Saturday Night’s Main Event) matches between Hulk Hogan & Tugboat vs. Rhythm & Blues and Ultimate Warrior & Legion of Doom vs. Demolition.


Final Thoughts: This week they really pushed the Warrior vs. Savage and Roberts vs. Martel feuds. We also learned of another Survivor Series match that will take place with one of the participants being a mystery. The Survivor Series remains the focus of the shows as it is still over a month away but despite all of this, its still not an exciting time in WWF history.