WWF Wrestling Challenge – May 6th, 1990

May 6, 1990

From the Onondoga War Memorial in Syracuse, NY

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

This week, the featured match is the Hart Foundation vs. The Bolsheviks. Also in action are Earthquake, Big Bossman, Tito Santana, and more!


Earthquake vs. Mike Durham

Durham is the future Johnny Grunge of Public Enemy fame. The crowd chants for Hogan then Earthquake takes Durham down with a clothesline. Earthquake stays in control and drops and elbow before the sitdown splash gets the win (1:54). After the match, Earthquake hits another splash then Durham gets taken out on a stretcher.

Thoughts: Another win for Earthquake as he continues to put people out on stretchers to build him up for Hogan.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s focus is on Hulk Hogan and the status of “Hulkamania” as we see clips of his appearance on last week’s “Brother Love Show” where he assured us that it would live forever.


Bad News Brown vs. Mark Thomas

Bad News immediately attacks Thomas and stays on the attack. The announcers talk about Jake Roberts scaring him with a rubber snake then we hear Bad News in an insert promo pissed over Jake ruining his birthday and the first present he ever got in his life. Bad News continues to beat on Thomas until putting him away with the Ghetto Blaster (3:28). After the match, the camera focuses on a kid in the crowd holding up a rubber snake before Bad News tosses Thomas outside.

Thoughts: More stuff about Bad News being afraid of snakes to put over his feud against Jake Roberts.


The Hart Foundation beating The Bolsheviks at WrestleMania VI is shown.


The Bolsheviks vs. The Hart Foundation

Before the match, Volkoff gets pissed over Zhukov singing the Russian National Anthem then grabs the mic. The Bolsheviks attack Neidhart as Bret is giving his glasses to a kid in the front row. Bret comes in and gets beaten down too. The Hart Foundation fight back as Volkoff gets dumped then the Hart Foundation beat on Zhukov until they put him away with the Hart Attack (1:51). After the match, Volkoff consoles Zhukov but gets shoved. The two have a shoving match then go at it until separated by a few referees.

Thoughts: The match itself was terrible but the real story is the fighting between The Bolsheviks, with Volkoff ripping the microphone from Zhukov during the anthem and Zhukov shoving Volkoff away when being consoled after the loss.


Tugboat vs. Black Bart

Tugboat shoves down Bart then does his chant. He keeps doing this then we hear him in an insert promo using a bunch of nautical terms to describe how he will head to the top of the WWF. Bart chokes out Tugboat on the ropes but Tugboat comes back with a corner splash then hits a splash for the win (2:46).

Thoughts: This Tugboat stuff is far, far too corny even for small children. At the time there was a rumor the character would be changed due to the fact it was not getting over but they ended up staying the course.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Macho King Randy Savage and Queen Sherri to the interview platform. Savage tells us about how he will make Dusty Rhodes kiss the royal foot of Sherri, who is screaming and going mental as Savage tells Dusty he will pay homage to the queen.


Tito Santana vs. Pez Whatley

Tito takes control early then we hear him in an insert promo telling us that he is one step closer to the Intercontinental Title after beating Akeem in the first round of the tournament. Tito works the arm until Whatley rakes the eyes but Tito returns the favor. Tito hammers away before putting Whatley away with a flying forearm (3:06).

Thoughts: A win here as they are building up Tito for the IC Title Tournament.


Rude is in the gym with Heenan working on his punches. He is sporting a short haircut for the first time here too as he tells the Ultimate Warrior to think of him day and night. Rude also says Warrior hears his footsteps and when they are closer his strength and courage will disappear and he will take away the title before he goes back to working on his punches. These vignettes really have done a great job in changing Rude’s character to something more serious.


Big Bossman vs. “Playboy” Buddy Rose

Bossman beats on Rose then knocks him through the ropes. Bossman heads out and tosses Rose inside as we hear from Ted DiBiase in an insert promo telling Bossman he is nothing more than a “hick” and will pay for crossing him as Bossman puts Rose away with a sidewalk slam (1:09). After the match, Bossman cuffs Rose against the ropes and hits him with a nightstick.

Thoughts: A quick win here for Bossman as his feud with DiBiase heats up.


Next week, Roddy Piper vs. Rick Martel in the First Round of the Intercontinental Title Tournament takes place. Also in action are Demolition and more!


Final Thoughts: Not much to this show. The biggest thing was discord between The Bolsheviks, who were honestly one of the worst tag teams in WWE history and one of the lowest heel teams on the depth chart. At least next week we get a match from the IC Title Tournament.