Mid-South Wrestling – December 9th, 1982

December 9, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Paul Boesch


We are shown an interview from earlier today as Boesch is with Hacksaw Jim Duggan, who wants the Brass Knux Championship as it embodies his wrestling style. He talks about Bill Watts being the champion until he retired and says he’s a rough and tough guy then wants him to come out of retirement so he can become the champ. Interesting to see Duggan call out Watts but it tells you they think highly of him in Mid-South.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Lester Parks

Parks is billed as being from Jamaica and wearing an amateur singlet. Duggan takes him down and grounds him for a bit before hammering away on the back. Duggan stays in control as he hits a slam before putting Parks away with a spear (1:48).

Thoughts: An easy win for Duggan here as his singles push as the Louisiana Heavyweight Champion continues


Mr. Wrestling II vs. Mike Bond

The announcers talk about how someone has been messing with Mr. Wrestling II’s masks. Both guys start off the match feeling each other out. Mr. Wrestling works a front facelock for a long time as the announcers put over his technical ability. He hits a suplex then sets up for the power knee lift as that gets the win (4:32).

Thoughts: Good lord this felt like an eternity. With Mr. Wrestling II getting a push and a storyline of someone messing around with his masks, I have no idea why it took him this long to beat Bond.


Boesch is with Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne. DiBiase talks about being robbed off the North American Heavyweight Title and claims he unmasked Stagger Lee to reveal the Junkyard Dog but no cameramen were around then claimed that Pierce turned his back around on purpose as to not see Lee unmasked. DiBiase then wants to prove once again in Houston that Lee is in fact JYD. We cut back to the announcers as Pierce says he turned his back to the ring during the match DiBiase referenced so he could talk with the police and when he turned around Stagger Lee won the match and is now the new North American Heavyweight Champion. The big news is Lee being the new North American Heavyweight Champion as they give DiBiase even more reason to unmask him so we all can see.


Marty Lunde vs. Stagger Lee

Lee knocks down Lunde to start. He follows with a clothesline then gets two with a scoop slam. Lee works a chinlock then headbutts Lunde down. Lee stays in control and beats Lunde with another headbutt (1:09).

Thoughts: An easy win for Lee as the future Arn Anderson has not had much luck at all here in Mid-South.


Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne vs. Tim Horner & Buddy Landel 

Borne and Horner end in a stalemate after some mat work. Landel tags and trades arm wringers with Borne before taking him down with a hip toss. Landel runs wild for a bit then Borne ducks out for a breather. DiBiase tags in then Landel blocks a sunset flip in a sloppy sequence then starts to frustrate DiBiase as the fans applaud. Horner tags in and backs DiBiase into the corner then takes him down after a reversal sequence. Borne runs in as Horner takes him down too as the tag champs once again head outside for a breather. Borne makes a blind tag in but Landel fights them off. However, DiBiase makes a blind tag after that and hits Landel with a flying double ax handle from behind. The champs cut off the ring as they beat on Landel. Borne hits a suplex for a nearfall but Landel kicks DiBiase in the head after he attempted a backdrop then makes the tag. Horner runs wild until colliding with DiBiase as both men are down. Borne goads Landel, who heads in the ring, but the ref orders him to the apron then Borne comes off the top with a seated senton then DiBiase puts Horner in the figure four for the win (7:21) **1/4.

Thoughts: Its nice to see how Mid-South portrays younger guys with potential like Horner & Landel by making them look competitive against the stars. This was a solid TV match with DiBiase getting a win on TV to make up (even if it’s just a little) for the fact he lost the North American Heavyweight Title.


Tug Taylor vs. “Mr. USA” Tony Atlas 

Boesch calls Taylor a throwback to the old days as Atlas sends him outside with a dropkick. The announcers put over Atlas’ strength as he works the arm. Taylor lands some rather pathetic looking strikes but Atlas knocks him down. Taylor is proud of himself for landing on the apron after getting whipped into the corner but Atlas drags him back inside. Atlas hits a monkey flip out of the corner then fights off Taylor before hitting a press slam then a flying headbutt before the splash gets the win (3:48) DUD.

Thoughts: Terrible match. Taylor was just putrid and just about everything they did look awful, which is not too good since Atlas is in the midst of a push with Duggan.


“Gorgeous” Gino Hernandez vs. Tony Torres

Both guys are billed from Houston. Gino works the arm to start. They end in a stalemate after some matwork then Gino puts on a chinlock. Gino switches to the leg as Torres eventually gets out of that with a kick to the face. Torres tries an arm drag but Gino switches to a headscissors on the mat then gets two with a back elbow smash. Dropkick gets two. He then hits a suplex and hits a back elbow drop from the middle rope as that gets the win (5:23) *1/2.

Thoughts: Fine for what it was as they gave Gino a long showcase. The action was decent enough to prevent it from being a total bore.


Rick & John Davidson vs. Mr. Olympia & Chavo Guerrero

The Davidson Brothers attack before the bell. Olympia & Chavo take them outside with dropkicks then the match settles down. Olympia slams John then Chavo works over Rick. Olympias is back in and works the arm of Rick. Chavo & Olympia stay in control as Pierce tells us that next week Duggan will defend the Louisiana Heavyweight Title against Atlas then Chavo puts Rick away with an assisted slingshot dive just before the show ends (4:22).

Thoughts: Olympia & Chavo seemed like they could have been a good team together as they were athletic and worked at a fast pace. The big news was learning that Duggan vs. Atlas would take place next week.


Final Thoughts: We learned that Stagger Lee is the new North American Heavyweight champion and that Duggan will defend his Louisiana Heavyweight title against Tony Atlas on next week’s show. With Boesch on commentary the Houston guys were given a lot of focus too as this promotion is offering a varied TV product with all sorts of different styles.



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