Joke Retirements – Sporting News

In your upcoming Sporting News column I hope you don’t plan to include Savage/Warrior WM7 simply because the retirement was short lived. Admitted or not, that match was the main event of WM7.

Savage is likely the only guy that had to be pleaded with to return by Vince himself. And by the time he was the most over face in the company, co-hosting Superstars every week.

He’s the only one that really did want to retire like his dad had, but they pulled him back in.

​I’m not gonna lie, it was on my shortlist. And really, Vince didn’t have to convince him THAT hard to get back. However, there are of course a few more off the top of my head who have "retired" many more times to diminishing returns, so we’ll see how the list shakes down this week.​