I came across parts of the match from Hogan/Muta including his promo in the buildup and this was like a completely different Hogan. He was actually in there wrestling. Cross armbreakers, enziguris, he even let Muta kick out of the legdrop. Have you seen the full match? Was it as good as the highlights give off? And why did Hogan wrestle like Daniel Bryan here but did his usual stuff in WCW and WWF?

I haven’t seen the full match, no. I imagine it’s on NJ World, though. And yes, everyone who’s seen it called it pretty much the best match for either guy in years.

As for Hulk’s motivation, he was working something with New Japan at the time, trying to impress Inoki and Sakaguchi and get a big payday. We’re getting more deeply into it in the Observer Flashbacks right away. It was a strange game he was playing, to be sure.