Braun questions

Two Braun related questions
1. Any chance Braun eventually becomes the new Undertaker? Everyone always focuses on the supernatural aspect of Taker, but really he was just a big badass who you did not want to mess with or he would end you. Isn’t that what Braun is becoming? I know that’s a stretch comparison now, but potentially.
2. The last couple months, this feud specifically, I’ve almost started to enjoy Roman. They seem to play well off each other and Roman is finally an underdog. Any chance these two are the next long-running feud ala Vader/sting, Rock/Hunter, etc?

​The thing with Undertaker is that he had a well-defined gimmick and character, whereas Braun is a big guy who likes to inflict damage but doesn’t have any particular character motivation as of yet. That’s a hard one to sell to the casual fanbase.

As for Roman, don’t worry, you can go back to hating him once he beats Strowman and goes on to face Brock at Summerslam.​