PWG Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock n’ Roll)

March 18, 2017

From the American Legion Post #308 in Reseda, CA

Excalibur is your host


Brian Cage vs. Sami Callihan vs. Keith Lee

This match was originally booked as Lee vs. Cage but Sami’s match against Adam Cole was cancelled due to Cole needing surgery to Sami got to pick any match on the show to be a part of and this is what he chose. Sami immediately kicks Lee to start but runs into a clothesline from Cage. Lee comes back with a dropkick then winks into the camera before chopping Sami hard in the corner. We get some back-and-forth stuff, including all three men using hurricaranas as the crowd is going mental for Lee. Cage and Sami trade dives to the outside then Lee takes them both out with a tope con hilo after the fans were chanting for him. Lee sets up for a running kick to a seated Sami, who cuts him off then runs around the ring and takes Lee off of a chair with a cannonball. Sami then hits Cage with a swinging DDT but gets caught and lifted up for a powerbomb then alley-ooped over Lee’s head so Lee picks him up and powerbombs Sami on the apron. Cage takes Lee down then climbs up top for a moonsault block. Cage deadlifts Sami from the apron with a superplex as that gets two. Cage and Sami are on top then deadlift Lee with a double superplex. Cage and Sami slowly get up and trade chops as Sami wins that battle. Sami goes after Lee but gets caught coming off the middle rope and gets tossed. Lee then tosses Cage over his head before dropping Sami after an avalanche. Sami gets up and cuts Lee off of the top then takes him off and hits a Death Valley Driver for a two count. Lee comes back with a jackhammer but Cage breaks that up and hits some super kicks and they have a reversal sequence that ends with Cage hitting a F5 that Sami breaks up at the last second. They all trade moves until Lee hits a Spirit Bomb for a nearfall. Lee heads up top but Sami cuts him off. Lee ends up knocking Lee back down then tries for a moonsault but misses then Sami hits a Canadian Destroyer for a nearfall. Cage and Sami have a reversal sequence that ends with Cage hitting the Weapon X. Cage then hits Lee with a discus clothesline and gets the win with a Falcon Arrow (16:00) ***1/2.

Thoughts: Really fun opening match. All action in this one with some really crazy stuff mixed in between. Lee immediately got over with the PWG crowd in his first appearance too as he continues to have an incredible 2017.


OI4K (Jake & Dave Crist) vs. Chosen Bros. (Matt Riddle & Jeff Cobb)

Dave and Riddle start off the match on the mat as Dave surprises his opponent with a takedown. Jake and Cobb tag in now as Cobb overpowers his smaller opponent. Riddle is back in and uppercuts Jake before hitting rolling gutwrench suplexes. Riddle misses a flying forearm in the corner then gets sandwiched by kicks from OI4K. Jake gets two with a snap suplex but soon after that Riddle fights back and hits a fisherman’s buster. Both men tag out as Cobb tosses Dave halfway across the ring as he is on complete control. Riddle runs in to boot Jake off of the apron then Cobb covers Dave after Riddle hit a senton as that gets two. Dave starts fighting back by kicking Cobb in the legs then makes the tag. OI4K cut off the ring for a bit as Dave is able to hang on to a chinlock even after Cobb got up and dropped him on the mat. Jake pays Riddle back by booting him off of the apron but Cobb hits him with an overhead suplex as both men are down. Cobb is able to make the tag as Riddle runs wild. He almost puts Dave away with a bridging German suplex after the Bro to Sleep but Jake low-bridges him then Cobb gets dumped as OI4K fly out with topes to hit their opponents then run back to hit them with moonsaults. They head inside where Cobb reverses a tombstone then Riddle hits Jake with a high knee then Cobb hits the Tour of the Islands while Riddle makes Dave tap to the Bromission (16:47) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Good match although the last few minutes were too much of a clusterfuck. They have more tag teams in PWG now as the division is a lot better than it was even last year at this time.


Trevor Lee vs. Rio Lush

Lee blindsides Rush to start then hammers away. Rush fights back and kicks Lee out of the ring. He takes him down with a springboard hurricarana then flies out with a pair of topes. Rush continues to use his speed to his advantage until Lee knocks him off of the apron. Lee heads out for a soccer kick then gets two with a German suplex. Dropkick gets two. Lee roughs up Rush, who fights back, then whips him hard into the corner as Rush spills outside. Rush just beats the twenty count back inside then fights back. He lands on his feet after a German suplex and comes back with a handspring back elbow smash. Lee comes back with a mushroom stomp for two then they trade strikes until Rush reverses a crossbody for a two count. Rush rolls through a dive and a reversal sequence leads to a tornado DDT as both men are down. They trade kicks then Lee uses the ref as a shield as he boots Rush in the junk. Lee tries a deadlift German but Rush pops up on Lee’s shoulders and hits a reverse hurricarana. Rush heads up top for a frog splash but Lee turns that into a small package then Rush reverses and gets the win (14:30) ***1/2.

Thoughts: Pretty good match here. I like Lee’s “TNA Superstar” heel act in PWG and Rush can get the crowd behind him. So far, this has been a solid show.


Dezmond Xavier vs. Shane Strickland

We get something that resembles a gymnastics exhibition to start as its all flips and counters. Xavier hits a spinning back fist then both men end in a stalemate after. Strickland hits a rolling Ace Crusher then an uppercut in the corner. Backbreaker gets two but he runs into a STO. Xavier boots Strickland in the face and follows with a standing twisting splash for two that looked sweet. He stomps on Strickland in the corner then they trade strikes and fight up top then take way, way too long to position themselves for a spot where Strickland lands on his feet following a reverse hurricarana and it was poorly executed. Xavier takes Strickland down with a double boot but gets caught in the ropes where Strickland takes him down with a DDT for a nearfall. Xavier comes back with a kick from the apron and does a 618 with the post and takes Strickland outside where he hits a sweet Flying Space Tiger Drop. Back inside, Xavier rolls through a 450 but comes back with a Pele Kick for a nearfall. He takes Strickland off the middle rope with a reverse hurricarana then hits another unique rana variation for a two count. They trade kicks on the apron until Strickland hits a Death Valley Driver then comes off of the top with a double stomp as that gets two. Strickland comes back with a bicycle knee smash then blocks a reverse hurricarana to hit a driver for the win (12:51) **.

Thoughts: The crowd was into this at points and during the middle it resembled an actual wrestling match but this resembled an early 2000’s highspot fest from the likes of Jody Fleisch and the SAT’s. Strickland has no substance behind anything he does. Xavier shows promise and I’d like to see him here with a better opponent but this was a throwback to another era and not in a good way.


Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent) vs. Leaders of the New School (Zack Sabre Jr. & Marty Scurll)

Sami Callihan is now on commentary. Before the match, Scurll takes the mic and rips into the fans then puts over how Sabre and himself are both PWG Battle of Los Angeles Champions. These teams start brawling before the bell. The Best Friends clear the ring then brawl outside. The action heads back in the ring now where both teams work a fun, old-school sequence that ends with the Best Friends taking control. They hug and now Taylor beats on Scurll. Trent tags in and does his elaborate slingshot into a boot scrape before Taylor gets two with a senton. Sabre comes in to make the save as the tables have turned with the LDRS in control of the match. Back inside, Sabre works the legs of Trent. They cut off the ring as they now target the arm of Trent. Sabre distracts the ref so he could not see Trent tag out so the crowd chants “Fuck You” at referee Justin Borden. Sabre takes Trent down and drags him to the corner as the LDRS stay in control. Trent gets sent up and over in the corner but comes back with a clothesline on Sabre as both men are down. The crowd rallies behind Trent but Scurll sneaks out and yanks Taylor off of the apron to prevent a tag. Scurll taunts the crowd, who rips into him, then beats on Trent in the corner. He gets a nearfall with a superplex then the LDRS start kicking Trent in the back. Trent fights back and is with inches of making a tag then Sabre uppercuts Taylor off of the apron and the LDRS almost put Trent away with a dropkick/Michinoku Driver combo. Taylor tries to fight back but gets knocked off of the apron again and the LDRS hit Trent with a missile dropkick/Michinoku Driver combo but that only gets two. Scurll beats on Taylor with a chair then the LDRS go back to beating on Trent. Sabre locks on an Octopus Hold but Trent reverses to hit a Dudebuster as both men are down. Trent finally makes the tag as Taylor runs wild with chops. He sends Scurll into his partner with a belly-to-belly suplex as the crowd goes wild. He stays on the attack and hits a double clothesline after being hit with a double super kick. The Best Friends hit Sabre with an assisted Ace Crusher then Taylor tries a dive but Scurll tosses a chair at his face show Trent flies over his partner to take out Scurll with a tope con hilo. The Best Friends now beat on Scurll then hug but that allows Scurll to put Taylor in the chicken wing while Sabre has Trent in a triangle hold. The Best Friends are able to make it to the ropes as we now get a “USA” chant from the crowd. Scurll hits Taylor with a brainbuster then Sabre hits a pair of Pentaly Kicks but Taylor is just able to kick out. The Best Friends come back with stereo piledrivers then all four men are on the mat. The LDRS put both men in their submission finishers again but Taylor lifts Sabre and powerbombs him on his partner to break up the hold. Scurll and Taylor brawl from their knees until Taylor hits Scrull with the Sole Food as he was in the finger breaker hold. Trent and Sabre are left in the ring as Trent delivers a slap but is taken down where Sabre once again targets the arm. Trent escapes from an armbar then gets slapped a few times but catches Sabre to block an European uppercut then after a reversal sequence hits a Gotch piledriver for the win (23:22) ****.

Thoughts: Excellent match. Loved the part where they build up to the hot tag with Taylor running wild and Trent getting the win seems to set him up for a PWG Title match against Sabre. I also enjoy heel Sabre more and having him with Scurll again is awesome. Scurll really did a fantastic job heeling on the crowd.


After the match, Scurll low blows his opponents then grabs a chair as the crowd chants “fuck you, Marty.” However, Sabre tells him its time to go then Scurll tries to fire him up with a few slaps. Scurll hits Trent with a brainbuster then Sabre stands on his head and after that sets up a chair bridge where they hit Taylor with a chokeslam/powerbomb combo. Scurll then grabs the mic and tells Taylor the people here might love you but Sabre and himself see him as a “no good son of a bitch.” Scurll then proposes they end it once and for all in a match before leaving. Taylor then grabs the mic and accepts the match under one condition, that it’s a Reseda Street Fight. Excellent segment to set up a feud between the teams and a match for the next show.


PWG Tag Team Title Match: Penta El OM & Rey Fenix vs. Matt Sydal & Ricochet & Young Bucks (c)

The match starts off with a man from each team in the ring at the same time trading moves. We get some fun sequences. Sydal takes Matt and Fenix down with a slice/jawbreaker combo but gets kicked In the face by Penta. Everyone tries rapid-fire splashes but misses then it ends with all six men throwing dropkicks at the same time. They celebrate but the Bucks take out Sydal & Ricochet with dual super kicks. The Bucks and Penta & Fenix use each other’s taunts as the Bucks get pissed. The Bucks go outside then go under the ring and come out with lucha masks so Penta & Fenix put on the Bucks jackets and they continue to trade taunts then all of a sudden, Sydal & Ricochet are back with lucha masks and jackets resembling the Bucks and take everyone down with missile dropkicks. Sydal & Ricochet fly out with stereo spaceman planchas then remove the gear. Sydal & Ricochet are on control as they work over the Bucks. Fenix & Penta then beat on Ricochet & Sydal for a bit with some innovative moves but the Bucks break up a pin attempt and take control. Everyone trades moves at a rapid pace and it all looks good for the most part. Sydal takes Fenix off of the apron with a hurricarana and into a fan then that leads to increasingly more insane spots like Ricochet hitting Penta with a Canadian Destroyer on the apron as everyone is down with the crowd chanting “holy shit.” They finally get back inside where they trade more moves as neither team is able to gain an advantage. Sydal flies out from the top with a moonsault to the floor then Fenix hits a springboard tornillo before Nick hits a double jump senton then this is capped off with a double jump shooting star press by Ricochet that was absolutely nuts. Back inside, Ricochet rolls through a 450 splash and eats a super kick. Matt escapes a super hurricarana as Sydal bounces off of the corner. The Bucks work over Sydal & Ricochet but cannot get the win. Penta cuts off a Meltzer Driver attempt that leads to a spot where Fenix stands on Penta’s shoulders but Ricochet takes him off with a springboard Ace Crusher. Sydal & Ricochet with Matt with a shooting star Meltzer Driver then head up top with stereo shooting star presses but the Bucks get their knees up. Fenix & Penta destroy the Bucks with multiple super kicks. Sydal comes in and kicks around Penta & Fenix but almost gets put away with a stomp by Fenix as Ricochet makes the save. Penta accidentally super kicks his partner as Ricochet moved away then Ricochet flies out with an insane spaceman plancha over the post. Back inside, Penta & Fenix cut off Ricochet then Penta hits him with a package piledriver then Fenix with a Canadian Destroyer as Penta covers while Fenix blocks the others from trying to enter the ring as that gets the win and we have new PWG Tag Team Champions (20:03) ****1/4. The Young Bucks are pissed and toss chairs into the ring as the crowd cheers from Penta & Fenix.

Thoughts: Lots of comedy at the beginning and depending on your tastes will determine whether you loved or hated the match. The comedy spots got over here and the action was fast and furious after that. They story was mostly three teams with high-flying and spectacular offenses going all out to win. The title change was cool and Penta & Fenix are one of the more exciting teams in wrestling today.


Final Thoughts: Overall, a really good show. Only one match disappointed as this was a card filled with good action and we even got some more build of a feud too. Add to that a crazy main event with a title change and you got one of the better PWG shows in recent memory. I recommend this show.


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