Loot Crate! June 2017! Alter Egos!

Well now, look what showed up for me this week:

The affiliate program that provides me with WWE’s Slam Crate changed to a new PR firm last month, and when my account switched over I got added to the regular Loot Crate mailing list as well.  Which is pretty damn cool of them.

This month’s theme is “Alter Egos”, which is a nicely generic superhero deal because kids today love the superheroes and such.  My local comic store certainly enjoys it when I come in and drop money that could be better spent on car payments and cat food and boring stuff like that.

OK, let’s crack this puppy open.  As always, any modelling or pointing done by the lovely and talented Rosalie.

First up, the t-shirt!  Now, lemme tell ya, not that I don’t love the Slam Crates, but WWE shirts are not exactly street-ready.  The Finn Balor shirt last month in particular is appealing to a pretty specific demographic and isn’t something I would tend to wear around.  But THIS?

Goddamned Optimus Prime transforming from truck to Autobot?  HELL YEAH, BOY. This, I would wear the shit out of.  Plus it’s a much nicer soft cotton shirt, unlike the WWE ones, which tend to be a bit scratchy.  That makes this box an instant win right out of the gate.  But let’s press onwards.  First up, our featured figure of the month.

Hey, it’s a black and white Spider-Man.  Pretty cool, he hangs from a little stand and he’ll go right in my man cave with my UFC figures and Simpsons collection.

Next, do you often eat cereal and find yourself wishing that you could be eating it out of a green colored bowl with creepy fingers drawn on it?  HOLY SHIT SO DO I.

Yes, it’s a Hulk bowl.  Talk about truth in advertising.  You’re probably wondering if there’s more layers to this onion.

No.  No there is not.

Next up, a book of mini-posters from the DC New 52, basically a bunch of postcard-sized glossy photos featuring notable covers and interiors from the three years that they’ve recently erased completely with DC Rebirth.

It’s a pretty cool collection, but I’m not really sure where you’d put these.  Your locker at school?  I dunno.  I’ma gonna hang onto the Harley Quinn one for safekeeping, though.

Also, a pin.

It’s a pin. I like the WWE ones better and people think I’m important when they see my classic Intercontinental title on my jacket.

Finally, as you might have ascertained from the “Alter Ego” theme of the box, the BOX ITSELF TRANSFORMS.  Did I just blow your mind?  I feel like I did.  Here’s my finished Optimus Prime.

Oh yeah.  That just happened.

Anyway, thank you as always to the amazing people at Loot Crate who make my daughter lose her mind with excitement every time one of these shows up, and if you’d like to check out one of their fine subscription boxes for yourself, here’s 10% off your first month:

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They’ve even got a new “Sports Crate” now, which apparently gives you the opportunity to tailor your subscription box to whichever baseball team you’d like.


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