GLOW and Vince

GLOW was absolutely great and I enjoyed the fact that it didn’t try to rehash the David McLaine story and utilize the old same characters.

Since GLOW is such a critical smash with great review, how quickly will Vince try to cash in on GLOW? He tried cashing in on The Wrestler despite hating it at first?

Iā€‹ dunno, I wouldn’t really call it a critical smash. Wrestling fans really seem to "get it" but it’s kind of getting middling reviews elsewhere. I just don’t see it being on Vince’s radar, especially with Stephanie currently trying to take credit for bringing women’s wrestling into the future or whatever we’re supposed to be thanking her for this week.

Apparently some of the tapes of the original show are in the possession of Babe the Farmer’s Daughter and she’s selling DVDs. There’s a story on it here: However, it’s sounds like that’s a lot of her personal tapes, and the rights to the masters are still tied up in distribution hell.