Picone Presents: ECW Hardcore TV 1/31/95

Taz and Sabu battle The Public Enemy in an all-out war. Two hardcore icons clash when Cactus Jack takes on the Sandman!

Long week, buuuut I’m back. Let’s get…EXTREME.

ECW Hardcore TV: 1/31/1995

We ended last week’s episode with a dramatic Tully Blanchard appearance! And you thought his best work in the 90s was Heroes of Wrestling!

We start this week with the recap of Joeys heartfelt breakdown of Tully Blanchards time in ECW thus far, complete with…

“I guess Tully just didn’t do what the Horsemen did best…he had to fight…he …had to…fight”.

We now see the end of the Ron Simmons vs. Shane Douglas title match from last week. Clips show the ref stopping the match because of Simmons injured shoulder.

Douglas on the mic now asking who is going to stop him?

Heeeerresss Tuuuulllyyy. Fists for Douglas. This is the Tully Blanchard of old. The HORSEMEN TULLY BLANCHARD. THE BRAWLER TULLY BLANCHARD. TULLY BLANCHARD HAS GONE HAAARDCORE!

Malenko and Benoit spoil the fun and this is where we left of next week as Douglas slaps on the figure four.

To the back now as a jacketless, tieless Joey holds a notepad, running down upcoming interviews. What’s this? GET THE CAMERA ON THE RING!

The Florida fans are filmed tossing a metric shit tone of chairs into the empty ring, presumedly after the show. And, that’s it…

Here’s the opening and its time to Join the Revolution.

We are in Orlando Florida, and they have been banned from Disney because there is no “Goofy” wrestling in ECW. Shot at WCW or an animated character?

Joey runs down the show, and cleverly states that like they said last week, the “new” Tully Blanchard will not be wrestling….but the “old” Tully will be! Lets go poolside with the World Heavyweight Champion, the “Franchise” Shane Douglas.

Shane is hanging out in front of a motel in cowboy boots, long jeans and a tucked in ECW Tshirt, which pretty much was standard wear for wrestlers in the mid 90s. All he is missing is the fanny pack.

Shane cuts a a promo on Tully’s preaching. Looks like their 60 minute match already happened, and I didn’t realize they met again after. I was under the impression we were building up to the Iron Man match.

“Tully you come out here talkin’ bout how you used to suck up the cocaine. Then you go on TV and you say “Don’t Do It.” Then you come out here and talk about how you drank til you couldn’t see straight, and then went on TV and told everyone “Don’t Do It”. And then you talked about how you used to pluck women out of bars, and then you come on TV and say “Don’t Do It”.”

The Franchise continues and says he has an addiction, and it’s the ECW World Heavyweight Title.

**Holding his 4 Fingers Up**

“You see Tully, we did to you what you did to so many people….but it didn’t take 4, it took 3…

**Holds Up 3 Fingers**

“CALL US THE TRIPLE THREAT!” (version 1.0)

This was the first time I believe the name “Triple Threat” was used on Hardcore TV, or anywhere for that matter, making it “ECW Understated Debut of the Week”. (© Scott).

As Shane continues to cut a four minute promo on Blanchard, I find myself wondering if Tully was in talks to go back to WCW around this time? Surely Paul E couldn’t offer him big bucks, and according to the Observer recaps and this weeks Tony Schiavone Podcast, Tully constantly pulled out of returning to WCW over money.

And just like that a bell rings somewhere and we have….

Sabu and Taz vs. The Public Enemy

Titles are on the line here as we start fast. Sabu with a bulldog and then a guillotine legdrop for 2. Taz and Rocco fight outside as Joey tells us Sabu has a fractured ankle. Christ I can’t believe he’s still mobile, let alone wrestling in 2017!

Moonsault on Grunge for 2. Rocco saves and goes one on one with Sabu in the ring. Sabu on one foot slingshots outside onto Grunge! Ohhmyyygaawwd!

Back in the ring its a Tazplex for Rocco! Rocco gets his foot on the ropes and I notice 911 and Paul E on the outside. Taz hits Rocco with a chair but Rocco hits him with a snow shovel…in Florida?!?!

Sabu and Grunge fighting in the first row. Grunge with some light chairshots, but he’s already busted open. Taz and Rocco fight in the concession stand! Stuff is flying everywhere and I stop to tell a story.

Sometime in 98′ ECW came to Ag Hall in Allentown, and I got tickets for my bday. Long story short, I wanted a bWo shirt but I didn’t bring enough money. Well Taz helped me out by throwing Tommy Dreamer over the T-shirt table, sending shirts everywhere, with one black Raven “I Feel Your Pain” XL landing directly at my feet. As everyone scrambled to grab a shirt, I picked that one up and kept it until I made the terrible decision to wear it painting my new house sometime in 09. I wish I still had that t-shirt….

Anyway back to the match as Sabu gets sent face first into a pole.  Taz puts Rocco headfirst through fire extinguisher glass.

All four back in the ring now as Taz gets tossed. Sabu ducks a double clothesline and hits a springboard moonsault on both of the PE.  Both hoodies exit the ring but Sabu leaps over the top and gets caught! Rocco slams him back first into a ring pole.

Taz in alone in the ring and PE quickly get him down and pound away. Tax is still in his curly hair and barefoot attair.


Sabu back in the ring and hits a moonsault. Taz back in as Paul E loudly directs traffic. Double back body drop to Grunge and then he eats a T-bone Taz plex.

Taz and Sabu set up a table. Grunge is placed on the table but here comes Rocco and he tosses Sabu out. Belly to back suplex from Taz and these guys are just all over the place.

911 grabs Grunge outside to set up a chockeslam, meanwhile Taz places Rocco on the top rope while a table waits feet away.

Rocco pokes him the eyes and sends Taz through the table as Sabu somersaults onto Grunge outside.

It looks like the match is over somehow and it didn’t go Taz and Sabus way, as 911 grabs hold of referee Pee Wee Moore’s throat.

Rocco slams a chair on 911s back several times before he notices. 911 grabs the “Flyboy” and chokeslams him.

Pee Wee Moore must not have gotten the message, and all 112lbs of him take a chokeslam, as well as someone announces that Public Enemy won. Must of been a tables match?

Just all over the place. Entertaining but a mess.

Paul E in the back and is not happy will the Public Enemy. He promises that Flyboy Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge WILL go through tables!

Sitting in a empty classroom, Raven cuts a gloomy promo about outcasts and scars. He’s getting better each week and is really starting to feel comfortable in this role.

Cactus Jack vs. The Sandman w. Woman

Falls Count Anywhere

We start quick as Cactus walks down the aisle with a trash can and casually smacks an oncoming Sandman in the head. Bang bang!

3 more garbage can shots later the Sandman is stunned…until he get whacked with a chair shot!

In the ring now as Cactus hits a boot and a running neckbreaker for 1. Leg drop for 2.

Woman smacks Cactus from outside in the knee with the cane. Cactus goes out to confront her and turns around to smack the Sandman again.

He covers outside for 2 but Woman breaks it up with another cane shot. Here’s Sandman with a chair to Cactus’s head now. Just for reference, these are plastic chairs, at least.

Can of soda to the head and Cactus is hurt. Sandman finds the dented garbage can and gives Cactus a few shots.

Not to be outdone, Cactus nails a headshot with a chair.

Back in the ring and a DDT by Sandman onto the trash can.Top rope Alabama Jam from the Sandman!

Cactus in the corner now as Sandman heads back up, and gives a drunk mans Rocker Dropper all the way from the corner to the trash can in the middle of the ring! I was questioned last week on my statement of “the Sandman and Cactus had some pretty good matches if I remember.” I take that back, they had some FUN matches, but Sandman is really reaching into his bag of tricks here.

Sandman gets a 2 count. Back into the corner and Sandman climbs up again only to get caught with a nut shot. Two more garbage can shots and now they are both of top. Sandman Flair flops to the floor.

Cactus follows up with a nice cookie sheet shot for a two count. It should be noted, that there are no protective mats outside the ring, but there is the fake plastic grass carpet that you might of seen on peoples porches years ago in its place.

Back in the ring now as Cactus punches the trash can into the Sandmans face and sells it like he broke his hand. The Sandman’s attire tonight consists of black zubraz and his awesome “Politicially Incorrect and Damn Proud of It” T-shirt.

Sandman slams the dented trash can onto Cactus’s hand. Delayed (!) piledriver onto the trash can by the Sandman!!

Cactus moves from a charging Sandman and he goes flying over the top. Cactus hits the elbow from the apron for 1-2-3!

**1/2 Like I said, Cactus always has watchable matches with just about anybody, including the Sandman. The Sandman busted out a couple of cool moves, and we saw Woman. One of the more enjoyable Hardcore TV matches I’ve reviewed so far.

Cactus celebrates in the ring and here is Women with the cane. Sandman from behind and Cactus takes some pretty nasty cane shots to the head repeatedly.

Sandman casually takes a pack of cigs out of his pocket, has Woman light one and delivers more head shots with the cane.

Sandman tries to blind Cactus with the cigarette and here’s Mikey Whipwreck to save the day! He checks on his friend as we cut to the back for a Sandman promo.

Sandman wacks himself with the cane a few times, smokes a bone and says its not over with the future Dude Love.


Cut to Cactus now and he sports a bloody face, a sliced hand and head bandage. He delivers a top notch, emotional promo. If your a fan of vintage Cactus Jack, I urge you to watch this episode just for this promo alone(starting at 39:00). It instantly blows anything I’ve seen on Raw in 10 years. Great intensity, he was really ON right here. Copying it word for word wouldn’t do it justice, but Jack name drops Dick Murdoch and Captian Négro and challenges the Sandman to a Texas Death Match.

Wow, watching the close out Cactus Jack promo really brought out the inner fanboy in me and really made me remember just why I loved wrestling so much as a child. The Public Enemy vs Taz and Sabu fued that was a tape traders dream in 95′ just hasn’t been as compelling, or quite frankly, as good as I remember. 

We are down one month of Hardcore TV. So what did we learn in January of 95′ in ECDubb land? The “Triple Threat” has emerged, and they are devastating and talented. Raven is just starting to scratch the surface with his character. 2 Cold Scorpio and the Sandman are major players. The Public Enemy is featured alot, although their matches have been basically just random acts of violence. Mikey Whipwreck is really being pushed as an extreme underdog. And Cactus Jack is in his element.

We start February next edition, and we are set for highlights from the “Double Tables” event, Jason the Terrible, the Pitbulls,  and Al Snow vs Chris Benoit in what might turn out to be a forgotten gem….