Black vs Ohno

Hi Scott you sexer,

Did you see the Aleister Black vs Kassius Ohno match from NXT this week? I’d definitely say it’s worth checking out and I’d love to know your thoughts on Black’s potential.

Thanks xxx

​As for Black, I haven’t seen what everyone else does yet, but the NXT weekly show has bored me to the point where I stopped watching. However, just for you I watched that match this morning because WWE Network is awesome and it’s ridiculously easy to do so.

I feel like Black has been miscast for the first part of his tenure, actually. The entrance and presentation (which are fantastic, by the way) seem to be for a different person, like Baron Corbin or other monster heel. Black comes off in the ring to me like CM Punk with a better body and no promos. The match itself, which you probably won’t want to hear, more reinforced with me what a goddamn fantastic professional wrestler that Chris Hero is, because he went out there and had all the selling, facials and timing needed to make Black look like a million bucks. The bit in particular with him mocking the cross-legged pose was fantastic, and the way he sold all of Black’s kicks really made the match. The double stomp out of mid-air was also great, and I loved the way the match built in intensity, with Ohno getting more and more flustered and Black just calmly absorbing it all and then putting him away. I’d give it ***1/2, would watch again. I just don’t know if Black would work on the main roster.​