Picone Presents: ECW Hardcore TV 1/24/1995

In this weeks installment of Picone Presents: ECW Hardcore TV, Shane Douglas defends the ECW World Heavyweight Championship against Ron Simmons. Special appearances by the Public Enemy and Raven! And a surprise appearance by a member of the Four Horsemen! Lets hope it’s not Paul Roma…

Lody Dotti we like to party. We are here with the Public Enemy as they give another wacky promo. They don’t say much of note, but are wearing some sweet ECW varsity jackets. Lets cut to the highlight package, which no doubt was orginally played with the awesome “Hottstepper” dubbed over it.

We are back with the PE now as they look to magically teleported to what looks to be Florida. Behind them is a image of the “Daily Planet”, and they talk about Superman. Again, they play goofs.

More highlights if them wacking people with chairs and now we are with PE in front of some graffiti.

“We can make a lot if money like Pablo Picatchio and Leonardo Dibotchnadio!”

Paul was really making these guys into real dumbasses and it’s not the way I remember them. They were much funnier when I was 14.

Aaaannd….back to highlights of the Public Enemy bashing foes with more chairs and frying pans.


Finally, here is the Hardcore TV opening!

Joey Styles welcomes us from the Davey Rodio (?) Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. A tornado warning is in effect, but ECW fans are still here! 2 Cold Scorpio seeks revenge against Chris Benoit and Shane Douglas defends against former WCW Champion Ron Simmons. But first lets flashback to last week, and revisit the Bad Breed taking on the Pitbulls in a loser must break up match!

The Bad Breed vs. The Pitbulls *Losing Team Must Breakup*

We are JIP to the closing seconds of the match. The Bad Breed sets up Pit Bull #1 for a super bomb. As Axl turns his back, Pit Bull #1 reverses into a Frankensteiner and gets the pinfall, ensuring fans that we will see some of the most brutal, bloody and violent matches in the sport for the better part of 1995. Not the greatest rendition of the Frankensteiner ever, but still was something rare for a legit 250-260lb jacked wrestler to do in the mid 90s. They don’t show us the aftermath of Ian attacking Axl after the match, instead throwing back to Joey in the back. I think I rated it **1/2 last week. Ok brawl, but an extra * for the historical significance.

Oops. Spoke to soon as now we see Ian attacking Axl. For about 20 seconds.

Back to Joey as he pushes a “debate” between the two brothers on the ECW hotline. Geez, must of been a slow news week.

Back from commerical, as we see both Benoit and Scorp in the ring. Looks like Joey fibbed a little when he said that the place was packed. It legit looks like a local Indy show, as the first three rows are full, a few fans sitting on the bull rails, and no one on the bleachers directly behind. ECW did tour Florida alot due to their show being broadcast on the Sunshine Network, but this might have been one of their first times there.

2 Cold Scorpio vs “The Crippler” Chris Benoit

2 Cold Scorpio has to be one of the better wrestling names ever. They stand nose to nose as the announcer makes the introductions. Benoit is in his standard Young Pegasis blue tights with the white stripe. If you read the RF Shoot Review just released on BOD a couple days ago, you’ll know just what kind of frame Scorp was in around this time.

Bell starts the match and you can see the intensity of both men. Lock up gives no one and avantage, so we hit the ropes. Leap frog and slide by 2 Cold, double leg by Benoit, and Scorp side flips out of it. Drop kick by Scorp and Benoit bails.

Benoit back in and plants some kicks to the gut. Headbutt. Scorpio up and over and a arm drag as Benoit takes another time out outside. As Scoprio waits in the ring, the hicks in the crowd get on Benoits case.

Back in and clothesline by Benoit. Neckbreaker by Chris as Joey pushes the Crippler gimmick. Irish whip and Scorp eats an elbow. Very slow pace in this match. Forearms and chops to Scorp. Another Headbutt puts Scorpio down. Scoop slam by Benoit. Boston Crab, almost a lion tamer. 2 Cold gets to the ropes as some fan keeps screaming “Kick Em in the Balls!”.

Belly to back suplex as Benoit gets two. Snapmare into a chinlock. Scorpio gets a Pele kick (!) but Benoit fires right back. Powerbomb by Scorp out of nowhere wakes up the crowd.

Scorpio hits the top rope splash and gets 2. Leg drop from Scorp and he gets another close pinfall. 2 Cold casually kicks Benoit in the head.

German suplex now out of nowhere by Benoit gets 2. Snap suplex gets 2. The guy in the crowd gives another “kick em in the balls Scorpio” as clear as day.

Powerbomb by Benoit for 2. Irish whip, Scorp leap frogs, and back kicks Benoit in the balls on the way down!!! And then smiles and points to the guy in the crowd! Incredible!

Scorp absolutely takes request as he drops a leg to the midsection and then splits Benoits legs on the top rope!

Scorpio measures and delivers a superkick Benoit.  Scorp misses a corner charge but is able to connect with a  savate kick.

Tombstone reversed and Scorp kicks out at 2. Benoit goes up and hits the diving Headbutt. 2 Cold kicks out again! Slam and middle leg drop for 2.

Benoit goes for a suplex from the top but Scorp reverses for 2. Scoop slam and Scorp hit a beautiful moonsault for 2. Scorpio with an enzuguri . Scorp reverses a suplex but Benoit blocks a schoolboy for the pin!

**1/2 I thought this match would be all kinds of dope but they really didn’t click well together. The beginning was pretty slow but it picked up at the end. Good match, but I expected better out of these two.

Back from the break and they replay the awesome 2 Cold Scorpio moonsault and the ending sequence of the match.

Benoit will be tested Saturday, Febuary 4th in South Philly as Chris Benoit goes one on one with Al Snow. Also, “the Giant” Paul Loria faces off with Mikey Whipwreck and in the first of many, many bloodbaths, Ian Rotten and Axl Rotten will face off. Stevie Richards will have Raven with him as he faces Tommy Dreamer, and Tully Blanchard was supposed to get a title shot, but has ALREADY left ECW, so Joey is unsure who will be challenging for the ECW title. Also the Public Enemy will defend the Tag Titles against Sabu and the Tazmaniac.

Paul E now in the back cuts a promo on fear. Tax and Sabu will make the hoodys that do the crime, do the time. Next week on ECW we will see that match.

Now time again for the Extreme Encyclopedia…

Sand’man” -n

(Smokus Brawlerous)

Cigarette smoking wrestler with a propensity for voilence; an athlete with no regard for wins or losses

Wom’man” -n.

(Foxus Greedius)

An annexation of the classic American male fantasy of beauty and sertvitude; a seductive hernchwench with an appetite for money

Cac’tus J’ack” -n.

(Bangus Bangus)

Toothless, earless, freak whose psychotic style and spirit truly epitomizes that of ECW

Next Week! Falls count anywhere the Sandman vs. Cactus Jack!

I’m pumped to see my first dose of Castus Jack so far in 95′. I remember his matches with the Sandman being particularly good.

Cut now to another Raven promo where he doesn’t do anything except pick his nose and frolic in the snow.

Joey is back now in front of the ECW banner and doesn’t like the look of Raven. He briefly talks about moshpits, and only knows of them because he watches MTV. Times have changed, because starting somewhere around 2005, MTV became BET-lite, and you probably have to stay up until 2am to see a video, let alone a rock one.

Anyway Joey speculates who will face the champion next week since Tully won’t. Joey goes on to say he’s a big fan of the Horsemen,and says this used to mean something as he flashes the 4 Fingers of Doom. Joey sadly states that he still has Horsemen Jackets and T-shirts at home somewhere, and when “Tully Blanchard came back to wrestling, he didn’t realize he had to do what the Horsemen did best…he had to fight. He had to …fight.”

Wow a very underrated statement/promo on Tully Blanchard by Joey Styles, who sounded generally disappointed by his childhood idol. Sometimes the worst thing you can do is meet your hero’s.

Raven quotes some poems and threatens Tommy Dreamer from a swing set

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas vs. “The All American” Ron Simmons

Ron’s arm is no longer in a sling. Cheap shot by Douglas to start.  Powerslam by Ron.  A couple of clotheslines as fans shout the FSU chant. Press slam by Simmons for 2. Powerbomb by Simmons for 2. Crowd is clearly behind Simmons. 3-Point stance clips Douglas knee.  He tosses Douglas and pounds on him outside.Douglas takes over and works Simmons injured shoulder. Single arm DDT on the concrete.

Back in the ring now and Douglas stomps the shoulder. Douglas puts his head down and Simmons slams it.  Douglas back on the offense though targeting the shoulder. Simmons is selling like a pro.

Simmons tries another press slam but his shoulder goes out. More boots to the hurt shoulder.

Simmons fighting back now with one arm, but Douglas is relentless. Middle rope elbow to the arm of Simmons.

Simmons reverses a corner whip but gets kicked in the arm. The Franshise goes up but gets caught. Standing on the top rope Shane gets out of a jam by grabbing Simmons arm and jamming it on the top rope while jumping to the floor! Joey sells it like Simmons was shot in the shoulder by a .22, as the All American rolls on the mat in pain.

2 Cold in the ring now out of nowhere to check on Simmons. Scorp and the ref are both checking out his arm as the bell rings. ** Just for the selling of Ron Simmons

The crowd boo’s at the stopping of the match as we get replays of Shane targeting the shoulder.

Shane gloats in the ring. He ask’s if there is a man in Florida who can hang with “the Franchise”?

Tully Blanchard hits the ring!!!! The crowd (all 89 of them) go nuts as “Tully Blanchard goes HARDCORE!”.

Here comes Benoit and Dean Malenko who slow him down. Douglas locks in the figure four!  We’re outta time!!!!

Best episode in 95′ so far. Decent match between 2 Cold and Benoit, GREAT selling by Ron Simmons that worked into the Tully angle. The Extreme Encyclopedia is starting to get old already and I’m not going to be recapping the definitions we already have went over. The flow of the show is what made it so good, and the angles were all forwarded.