Picone Presents: ECW Hardcore TV 1/17/1995

Wow, it got hot quick huh? If you live in the Northeast part of the country, then you know what I’m talking about.

Besides dealing with the heat, trying to inventory items for my small business and attending classes to become a PI-AA Football Referee, my free time has been limited. And that’s WITH my kids traveling to Florida with their pop pop to go to Disney.

Point being, ideally I’d like to pump two of these out a week. I guess life will interject from time to time.

I’m not going to lie, though, I’ve had time to watch two things. One was Monday Night Raw, were it looks like things are on the up with the mystery of who’s getting the better of Enzo and Cass (I’m always up for a whodunnit in wrestling), a upcoming Joe vs Brock slobberknocker, and the slow turn of Bayley becoming a twisted psycho. At least, that’s what I think they’re doing with her. Luckily, my daughter is having lunch with Piglet and isn’t around to see her favorite wrestler start to get … weird.

Oh, and the other T.V. show that has my attention is the always excellent 30 for 30. Tonight is the 3rd part detailing the Celtics and Lakers rivalry.

Enough about my boring life…lets get..EXTREEEEME!

ECW Hardcore TV: January 17, 1995

We open to a video of Raven wondering the streets of a suburban neighborhood, looking agitated and depressed to “Generic Rock Music #34”. Seriously, it’s just him walking around. And I think he even picked his nose in one of the shots.  He quotes Kurt Cobain, and tells Tommy Dreamer to take heed.

Opening TV show package now and here is Joey Styles. He pushes Raven and then tells us that we’re going to see AL SNOW tonight. And in the main event, the Bad Breed vs. The Pitbulls in a losing team must split up match. But first ..

“The Giant” Paul Loria w/ “the Sexiest Man on Earth” Jason vs. Mikey Whipwreck

Loria has on a homemade “Mikey doesn’t like it” t-shirt. Cut to the same Mikey package we’ve watched the first two episodes of 95′. In the ring now, here we go.

They stand in nose to nose and talk trash. Mikey slaps the bejesus out of Loria and a baaaaack body drop. Mikey is clearly not as big of a fan of Loria’s t-shirt because he rips it off. Another back body drop. Irish whip sequence and they must of screwed it up because the camera cuts to Jason in the outside. Reverse atomic drop and Cactus clothesline over the top by Mikey.  Both on the outside now as Whipwreck slams a chair on Loria’s back. The ref stops Mikey from doing it again. I somehow doubt that ref would stand in the way of Sandman cane.

Mikey charges “the Giant” and eats some steel railing. Surprisingly the crowd looks to be into this. I think they always loved Mikey as Philly generally embraces the blue collar guy.

Back in the ring now, and Loria hits a gutwrench suplex.  Loria monkey flips Whipwreck and arrogantly kips up, but Mikey is up just as quick and nails a bulldog. Nice transition from the relative rookies.

Low blow by Loria. It should also be noted Loria is wearing what looks to be Brutus “the Barber” Beefcake baby blue cut up tights, with black and white Zebra print underneath.

Loria locks in a bow and arrow.  Joey Styles : “You wanna talk about a New Generation of wrestlers, well your looking at them!”

Loria gets two on a fistdrop as the crowd quiets. Mikey tossed out and Jason kicks Mikey in the face. Jason, it should also be noted, is wearing a purple suit, and no shirt.

Loria hits a Thez press off the apron, then badly misses a running dive and ends up in the second row. Mikey back in the ring and climbs to the top.

Ohhhmyyyygaawwwwd! Mikey hits a flying body press on Lauria in the 3rd row!!! Crowd goes nuts and starts a great  Mike-E!Mike-E! Mike-E chant. We have to go to a commercial!

They replay it and holy hell talk about a suicide dive. Back in the ring now and a roll up gets 2 by Mikey. They trade pinning combo’s. Clothesline by Lauria. Mikey kicks out. Mikey ducks another and hits a drop kick. Beautiful side Russian legswipe into a pin for the near fall by Whipwreck.

I’m looking at my watch now as they are really giving these guys some time. Mikey posts Lauria and decks Jason. Loria reverses a powerbomb into 2. Jason slugs Mikey from behind. Loria up top and hits Mikey’s finisher, the top rope bulldog. 1-2-3 and Loria picks up his first victory.

Mikey drop kicks Loria after the match and dives onto Jason’s purple suit outside. Its 2 on 1 though and Loria grabs a chair and cracks Mikey.

** Muuuuch better match than I anticipated. Although they stumbled in the beginning, the two rookies kept their composure and had the attention of the crowd. Good start.

Cut to the Extreme Encyclopedia.

Ba’d Breed” -n.

Uncouth British punks who would rather fight than love…hence the girth.

Pit’ Bu’lls” -n.

(Meanus Badassurus)

High strung powerhouses’ with a knack for brawling Beast with a lust for blood

Joey now features Chris Benoit, recapping “The Crippler” breaking Sabu’s neck in that infamous match.

Here comes Al Snow walking down the aisle as the crowd claps respectfully.

Al Snow vs. Osanu Nishimoura

Forgive me Japanese fans, but other than the Great Muta, Hayabusa and Jushin Liger,  and the 205 Live Guy that brought the “HUSS” back , I know absolutely nothing about any non-American wrestler that competes over there. Anyone that knows anything about Nishimoura, comment below and fill me in.  I don’t remember seeing him again in ECW, but I could be wrong.

Bell rings and here we go. Headlock, sit out and reversal’s galore to start. Osanu works the arm. He hooks a grapevine as the crowd gets bored and chant, “We want blood”. So much for the respect.

Osunu hits a shoulder block. Snow up with a neckbreaker and bodyslam. Snow misses a top rope kneedrop. Osunu quickly locks in a figure four.

They start rolling around slapping eachother, until Osuna hits a beautiful German suplex to wake the crowd up.  Snow grabs the legs and wheelbarrow suplexs his opponent. Ski high by Snow. He covers and gets two. Two drop kicks by Osuna. Then he hits one from the top. He goes up again. Another missle drop kick. German suplex by Osuna for 2. Snow blocks a verticle suplex and drops him on the top rope. Snow with a springboard guittene leg drop and that’s it.

**1/2 Started really slow but it got intense quick. Onusa looked good in defeat, and Al Snow showed the ECW faithful what he could do.


Public Enemy cut a promo for their favorite alley/parking lot with the Tag Titles. They give some shoutouts. Particularly, they give one to “Vince”, since the “New Generation” must be ECW. These guys gave really annoying promo but I was into them huge in 95′.

Back to Joey now who promotes the upcoming Tag Team Main Event.

The Bad Breed (Ian and Axl Rotten) vs. The Pitbulls

And well I guess the Main Event is now because cut to the ring and the two teams are already brawling. Pit Bull 2 tries a piledriver outside but gets back body dropped on the concrete. ECW never had protective pads outside the ring, so often times you might here the sound of a guys sweaty back dropped onto cold, hard concrete. Frying pan to Pitbull 2. Axl chokes him with a chain. Hockey stick to the back!

Ian and Pitbull 1 brawl in the crowd.  Wooden chair to the head of Axl. Pit bull 2 misses a corner splash. There is a lot going on.

Chair shot by Axl, and then he smacks PB1 with a cookie sheet multiple times. Axl is cut open already.

Ian and Pitbull 1 in the ring. Clothesline and they are back out.

Pitbull 2 is busted open as well. He lays into Axl with punches. All 4 are bleeding now.

Absolute slugfest in the ring. Axl peppers PB2 with shots. He grabs the house Mic and pops PB2. PB2 hits a few shots and covers for 2.

They continue to brawl as I think about how great of a look the Pitbulls had. They were legit badasses. Unfortunately they were legit felons as well. Its to sad they never got a shot at the big-time, because guys with more arrests and less talent did from time to time.

Big ECW chant as they wack each other with chairs. Objects are flying all over the place.

Axl (who did actually get a shot in the WWECW teaming with Balls Mahoney on a house show loop), and Ian set up for a superbomb. Pitbull 1 reverses into a Frankensteiner and gets the 3 count as Axl has his back turned, already in celebration mode. Not the most beautifully done Frankensteiner ever, but it was rare to see guys this size do them in 95′.

**1/2 Typical ECW brawl as we look back on it, but this was ECW’s bread and butter.  While the WWF was introducing Duke Droesey and Bastion Booger during this same time period, ECW had guys brawling all over the arena, as well as lower tier wrestlers performing crazy dives night in and night out. Same with WCW’s cartoonist atmosphere…they were marching out the Dungeon of Doom weekly while Chris Benoit was “crippling” guys in ECW. Extra *1/2 because of historic value.

Axl figures out that they lost and they cut to Joey, who tells us that the Bad Breed had a great run.

Back to the ring and Ian kills Axl with a chair shot. He roles him into the ring and another head shot to Axls head. We’re outta time! Again, we are seeing the seeds planted for possibly the most violent feud ever.

This episode really showed just how versatile ECW was in the earlier years before guys started to job ship. A match with hungry, local talent? Check. A good scientific match featuring a heralded newcomer? Check. An out of control brawl that would lead to even crazier out of control feud? Check.

Make sure you keep an eye out for the next Picone Presents: ECW Hardcore TV featuring Shane Douglas vs. Ron Simmons in the main event.