WCW questions

Hi Scott,

Real quick would like to get your thoughts on some things.

1. i’m under the assumption that Michael buffer is an expensive guy why were they paying him to work nitros instead of just ppv’s?

2. holy shit is there a more poorly used wrestler than bret hart? i’m talking someone who made it to the top not a what coud’ve been guy like cesaro?

3. what happened to the wrestling hotline numbers like mene gene? i feel like youve said this before that there was some change in laws and they had to stop it, but i couldnt find it. Was it something that actually made alot of money?

​1. Because WCW.

2. Well, they DID pay Sting to sit in the rafters for 18 months.

3. Oh yeah, hotlines were BIG business for both the WWF and WCW. I’ve got the exclusive story on why they stopped doing it, only $1.00 for the first minute and $3.00 each second thereafter, at 1-900-YOUR-MOM.