NXT Brand Split


Whatever happened to Triple H’s plan to split NXT? Were there ever concrete plans?

I ask this after reading a report about them exploring the idea of a midcard title in NXT. Are you as turned off by that plan as me? I just don’t see them having any idea how to do a midcard title properly. Then I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be 100 times more effective to create a main event title for a second brand instead?

They’re soon gonna have Adam Cole, O’Reilly, Fish, Gunner, Dalton Castle, War Machine, Donovan Dijak, etc. That’s on top of Roode, Itami, Ohno, Strong, McIntyre, Black, etc. They could easily run 2 one hour shows a week with separate rosters. Much more opportunities for developmental talent AND more spots for top Indy talent…thus further crippling NJPW in the USA.

I’m not saying they go all out and create another women’s title and tag titles for the second brand. But a main event title and possibly a ‘Rising Star’ championship would be ideal. Roode is the champ on one brand, Adam Cole the champ on the other.

Wait, they’re getting Dalton Castle now too? DAMN. That guys gonna be a huge star.

Anyway, yeah, they had talked about splitting NXT into the development branch running spot shows in Florida, and the WWE lite version doing Takeover shows in big arenas, but I’m guessing the main brand split wrecked those plans when the NXT roster got so stripped. Just speculation, though.