2 things

Its coming up on Wrestlemania 9 in the Rants….Is it still the WORST Wrestlemania ever, taking both WM27 and WM32 into consideration?

WM9 clocks in at a harmless 2:40.. Has a couple good matches, unintentional comedy from Savage throughout. JR calling the show. Whereas just about everything about WM32 was a personal insult to the fans and it took 5 hours to do it. Is Giant Gonzales’ hilariously bad selling really worse than a 15 minute Michael Cole match where he WINS, and Miz beating Cena in a Main Event? WM27 has one highlight for me, and that was the last 10 minutes of the Undertaker match. WM32’s only highlight is a disappointing Women’s Match… And don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to defend it – WM9 is terrible. Its just not as terrible as these two shit shows.

Also – are you sure that wasn’t just Arn’s way of saying, "Cornette has a vagina" ..?

‚ÄčThat certainly does seem to be the prevailing opinion. It would also explain his mood swings.

I’ve mellowed on WM9 over the years in that it’s at least a memorable trainwreck. 11 is pretty much unredeemable, and 27 was horribly disappointing in the sense that you had all these matches that should have been awesome on paper (Cena-Miz, Orton-Punk, Lawler destroying heel Cole once and for all) and there was just NOTHING that delivered. Except UT-HHH, and even that one is a dividing force, to say the least.

But no, I’m not redoing 9 again, before anyone asks. Two or three times is enough, thanks.‚Äč