Hogan – HBK

Hi Scott

We all know how Hogan baulked at a multi match run with Michaels, resulting in the comedy over sell masterpiece…

But do we know why Hogan was against it? I know he’s generally a dick, but he’d been putting over Brock, Angle etc with seemingly no complaint. He must’ve known Shawn could carry him to the best matches he’d be able to have, so it’d be in his interest too. Pre-existing heat from back in the day? Or just Hogan being Hogan?

​Just Hulk being Hulk, as far as I know. He really outmaneuvered Shawn there, too, which is amazing considering that Shawn used to be the master of it and he got completely played. Considering that Shawn did the exact same thing to Bret, he kind of had it coming anyway.​