Best Observer Stories


We all know Meltzer has written some great obits and historical pieces. So, what are some of your favorites? I thought this might make for good talk on the blog.

​Obviously the Andre and Kerry pieces are the gold standard. His recounting of the Montreal Screwjob was historic and the piece by which most of the reference material out there goes by. The seemingly endless issues about Benoit in 2007 were all fantastic as he dove deeper and deeper into the whole situation and each issue became more horrifying and traumatic for him to write until finally he just kind of gave up by the end of the series. The steroid pieces he wrote (which I didn’t really recap all that deeply) as a result of his time with Frank DeFord at the National were really the ones that redefined the Observer, changing it from a news and opinion snark-fest into a real weekly journalism showcase that happened to deal with wrestling.

Those are my favorites off the top of my head. ​Your mileage may vary.