Possible Hall Of Famers?


Hope all is well!

I wanted to list a few wrestlers, and see if you feel they should/will be hall of famers, and why/why not?

I know the HOF is a sham in a sense, but it’s fun for debate!

1). Sycho Sid/Sid Justic/Sid Vicious

​He’ll be there eventually. ​

2). Vader

​Next year, most likely. ​

3). Jim Cornette

​A lot of things have to happen, but him agreeing to induct the Rock N Roll Express was a positive sign. If he’ll agree to do it, it’ll happen. ​

4). The Mountie

​This would fall squarely under the Koko B. Ware rule. ​

5). Ken Shamrock

Not gonna happen. He’d be worthy, but the bridges are burned.

6). Lex Lug​e​

​I don’t think he has any interest in working with them. ​

7). Victoria

​I don’t see it. She’s from a previous era and wasn’t a big enough star to for them to waste their one women’s slot per year on her. ​

8). Miss Elizabeth

​I thought she was already in, to be honest. She totally should be.​