Favorite Comedy Spots?

Trying to take a break from the Jinder talk, I figured I’d ask your opinion on your favorite comedy spots in matches. Eddie Guerrero pretty much takes the cake with this, especially during the Los Guerreros run. Although, if memory serves me correctly, King Kong Bundy once ordered the FIVE count and someone (probably Hogan) kicked out at 4 1/2 and the match continued. So anyway, what tickles your funny bone in matches?

​- The Midnight Express unmercifully throwing jobbers back and forth out of the ring during squashes.

– In fact most of the classic Cornette routines from 84-90.

– Samoa Joe walking away from a crossbody out of the corner.

​- Eddie hitting someone with a belt and then pretending that he’s the victim.

– Rock doing commentary for his own matches.

– Chris Jericho’s arrogant cover