Match of the Year for 2016 so far?

Not Sure if you have seen the Okada-Omega match yet but if you had, what the better match in your opinion?

Okada-Omega WrestleKingdom 11

Styles-Cena Royal Rumble

I am a huge fan of AJ Styles but I thought Okada-Omega was better. I would have preferred Omega going over but I think they are going to switch the title in June during their rematch. AJ-Cena was great though, and its really neck and neck between Okada-Omega-AJ as to who the best wrestler is the world is right now.

But overall I liked the Okada-Omega match better. Thoughts?

I still haven’t watched it yet, but I feel like Okada v Omega would have to be better, because it drew more money and that’s what Randy Orton’s primary method for judging greatness says is the reason why people like things.