Xbox Backwards sale!

Holy crap, I was about to sit down and do the Observer Flashback tonight and THIS popped up on my Xbox. I already had Red Dead and GTA4 and South Park, but for $2.50 each (Canadian) I also grabbed Earthworm Jim HD, Castlevania SOTN and Metal Slug III. Plus I’m debating grabbing something like the Midway Arcade Classics, but that’s $10 even on sale and gets so-so reviews. Also, there’s a lot of Call of Duty there, but I have Ghosts and whatever the last one was on my hard drive and I never play them anyway. Also, if you’re into 3D platforming, HIGHLY recommended that you grab Alice Madness Returns because it’s not only a fantastic game, but it also gives you American McGee’s Alice as a bonus game within Madness Returns!

Anyway, with Xbox Gold and EA Access I already have more games than I can literally play in one lifetime, but they’re so CHEAP. How can I resist?