Mahal and India

Part of the reasoning for pushing Jinder Mahal, aside from his "new diet", is WWE wanting to break into the India market. That makes some sense.

But then why does this same company, going back 20 years, embarrass/job out stars when in their hometowns, such as the Bulldog losing in front of his dying sister in England, abusing JR in Oklahoma, & last month Bayley losing her title in San Jose? ​

Because Vince thinks it’s the only guaranteed way to get heat on a heel. The bigger question is why, if they want to push Jinder as a big star in India (where he’s not even from), is he a heel? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have him be a babyface if they want people in India to like him? Is it gonna be one of those deals where he’s a babyface in India but a heel everywhere else, like Bret Hart? Like he’s gonna tour Pakistan and be like "If they wanted to give the far east an enema, they’d stick the hose in Pakistan!" And then count the money rolling in.