The Lost Art of Catchphrases

Scott, has there ever been an era where less top babyfaces had cool catch phrases to use in promos?

Just look at the top faces of this era:

Randy Orton – nothing

Dean Ambrose – nothing
AJ Styles – nothing
Finn Balor – nothing
Sami Zayn – nothing
Seth Rollins – nothing

Ther best catchphrases now belong to Miz and Wyatt – there are more heels with cool catchphrases than faces!

What’s Seth Rollins’ catchphrase? "Thank you for giving me another chance?" It seems that of the full-time top faces now (because Cena had many of course), only Reigns with "You can believe that" has one.

Just compare that sad result to the top faces of the Attitude era:

Rock – long list of catchphrases
Austin – not as many as Rock, but several
Jericho – again, several catchphrases
Mankind – "Have a nice day!"
Undertaker – "Rest in peace"
DX/HHH – "I got two words for ya/suck it/Let’s get ready to suck it"

I’m not saying catchphrases alone will make you a draw, but don’t they make for much more fun promos than guys like Seth Rollins sounding like white meat babyfaces from the 1970’s?

​Oh for sure. It’s an easy way to get someone over and requires no work. Just look at how long the New Age Outlaws milked a career out of nothing in the ring but one of the greatest entrance routines in history. It again comes back to the non-organic nature of promos these days, with writers trying to craft their own "moments" instead of letting the guys develop them for themselves.