The Nasty Boys

So I was watching Man Vs Food Nation with my wife and Jerry Saggs popped up on there. My wife doesn’t know much about older wrestling so she asked me about him, and all I could really come up with was "He was a loudmouth brawler but always sucked."

Am I wrong? The Nasty Boys always were terrible, right?

​They were OK within their limited milieu from around 1990-94, but they dropped off fast and never recovered. I mean, they were never Bushwacker level bad or anything because they were done in 96 and never had a chance to get that terrible, but at best they were a solid midcard team who could work competent matches with teams better than them. Also, the feuds with Cactus Jack and then Public Enemy seemingly motivated them a bit​ and they managed to overachieve in those kinds of brawls.