Disney Or Universal


You’ve said a few times now that after Vince dies you can ultimately see HHH selling up to either Disney or Universal.

Which one,based on what we know,would you prefer to be the buyer? Would Universal just keep things pretty much as they are TV/network wise,build a ride/HOF in Florida,just minor tweaks?

Would Disney go the whole hog/too far with synergy tho,leading to Thor v Reigns and Han Solo v Brock or something?

I think that realistically it would be Disney, because they have the cashflow, plus the existing relationship with ESPN on both sides, plus they love to have all the marketable IPs that are ready-made for action figures and crossovers. I feel like Universal would only be into using it as a TV show. Personally I’d prefer Disney because much like Star Wars and Marvel, they have a winning track record and would more likely revive the product for a new generation.