Can Am Connection

Why did Tom Zenk leave out of the blue? They shit all over him every time they talk about Martel on Prime Time. I know he eventually made it to WCW to job to top guys/champs on the weekend shows in the early 90s, but where did he go in between? AWA?

​Yeah, Zenk’s departure from the WWF was not exactly harmonious, although really it was just a really bitter split over money because they felt Martel was the bigger star and paid him accordingly. Zenk went to the AWA in the interim and lost to Larry Z in the finals of the prestigious World title battle royal and pretty much just worked indies, and then he ended up in WCW.

Now, his whereabouts TODAY are an entirely different matter. After he got semi-famous again for his super-bitter shoot interviews and appearances on Wrestling Observer Radio in the early 2000s, he dropped off the face of the earth and no one knows where he is today. Most speculate that he’s in jail, but Zenk’s not talking.​