WWF Madison Square Garden – November 25th, 1989

November 25, 1989

From Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Hillbilly Jim

Tonight, Macho King Randy Savage will face Jim Duggan, Jake Roberts vs. Ted DiBiase, and Elizabeth as a guest on the “Brother Love Show.”


Haku vs. Paul Roma

Gorilla says that Roma is looking for a tag team partner which tells us that the Young Stallions are finished. Haku attacks Roma from behind to start. Roma floats over in the corner and uses a few turnbuckle smashes. Roma hits a dropkick then follows with an armdrag as Haku ducks outside for a breather. Roma now works the arm for a bit then gets two with a Thesz press that Roma seemed to have improvised in midair to avoid a serious collision. He goes back to the arm as Haku tries to break up with a pair of chops. Haku escapes but misses a charge in the corner as Haku goes back to the arm. Roma leapfrogs Haku but turns around and gets clotheslined as Haku is in control. He gets nearfalls with a backbreaker and a shoulderbreaker before working a nerve hold. Roma manages a sunset flip for a two count but Haku gets up and hammers away. He goes back to the nerve hold but Roma lifts him up and hits an electric chair drop as both men are down. Haku knocks Roma down in the corner but Roma fights back and hits a top rope fist drop for a nearfall that the fans bought. Roma then misses a charge in the corner and Haku hits a reverse thrust kick for the win (10:08) **1/2.

Thoughts: Good opening match. Roma was really underrated as a performer and had a great showing in this match. Haku did not look bad himself, either, and got the win as he was the one with a push on television. Without Powers around, who I think might have been in rehab around this time, Roma was relegated to house shows and occasional TV matches as enhancement talent to the top stars or guys getting a big push. This match was also shown on the 12/18/89 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling.”


The Rockers vs. Hart Foundation

Marty and Bret start off the match and end up in a stalemate after a reversal sequence that started off strong but got a little bit sloppy at the end. Marty works the arm after Bret misses an elbow drop as Marty works the arm. The Rockers hit a double-team move but Neidhart runs in and clotheslines them both down. Shawn and Neidhart are in once things settle down. Shawn rolls through a slam and cradles Neidhart for a nearfall as he is able to use his speed and agility to his advantage. Marty tags as the Rockers target the arm of Neidhart. Marty gets run over but comes back to take Neidhart down with a drop toehold then grabs a front facelock. Marty gets placed up top but comes down and hits an armdrag. The Rockers hit a double super kick that barely gets a two count then Neidhart slams Shawn and tags out. Bret catches Shawn with an inverted atomic drop after an Irish whip sequence as the Hart Foundation are now in control. Bret knees Shawn in the back from the apron and tags in to hit a backbreaker for a two count. Neidhart hits a standing dropkick then puts Shawn in a bearhug for a bit as Shawn breaks out and hits a dropkick. Marty clotheslines Neidhart from the apron but Shawn is driven into the opposing corner as Bret tags and lays into Shawn. The crowd is behind Shawn as he comes back with a slam but Bret pulls him back to cut off a tag as Neidhart is now in the match. The Hart Foundation continue to cut off the ring as Gorilla says the winner of this will be the #1 contender for the Tag Team Titles. Shawn avoids an elbow drop then crawls over to Marty and makes the tag. Marty runs wild on Bret then takes a swing at Neidhart before hitting a knee lift for a nearfall. Backslide gets two. Crossbody gets two. Bret comes back and stomps Marty then ducks a crossbody after a reversal sequence as Marty crashes and burns outside. Neidhart tags but Marty is able to crawl beneath him and tag out. Neidhart sends Shawn flying with a shoulder tackle but drops his head and gets elbowed. Shawn gets two with a crossbody but is knocked outside on the kickout. Bret and Shawn reverse pinfalls then end up down after Shawn hits a suplex. Shawn reverses an abdominal stretch then Marty and Neidhart come in and the match breaks down as all four men are brawling while the bell is ringing. Roma, Tito Santana, and Hercules run out to break this up as we learn the match has been ruled a time-limit draw (19:39) ***1/2.

Thoughts: I thought this started off a bit rough but once the Hart Foundation established themselves as the heels it got better and this was great at the end. These teams did these matches around the house show circuit for about a month until the Rockers started feuding with the Powers of Pain and the Hart Foundation went back to singles matches. For those interested, this match is available on both the “Shawn Michaels: His Journey” and “Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart: Greatest Rivalries” DVD’s.


Brooklyn Brawler vs. Al Perez

Perez lands a few punches but Brawler comes back with a shot to the throat. Brawler stays on the attack and gets a one count with a suplex. Perez boots Brawler in the face then makes his comeback. Brawler seems to mess up getting slammed as the crowd starts a “boring” chant. Perez dumps Brawler outside and drives him against the apron. Back inside, Brawler is able to toss Perez, whose foot gets caught in the ropes. Brawler attacks the leg as the ref tries to get his foot out then stops as Brawler unties him as Perez just drops down to the floor. Brawler brings Perez inside and attacks the leg. Brawler then rakes the eyes and heads up top but takes too long as Perez slams him off then hits a spinning suplex for the win (8:33) *.

Thoughts: Bland match. The crowd did not care about Perez but did pop for his finish, which was the only unique thing about this match. Brawler was quite awful here and after his second straight underwhelming performance its no wonder Perez never made it to TV on the syndicated shows, although this did get shown on the 1/1/90 episode of “Prime Time Wrestling.”


Lord Alfred Hayes tells us he was just in DiBiase’s locker room and found out that Virgil is deathly afraid of snakes and to expect him to run away if he sees the bag move or the snake come out.


“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

DiBiase & Virgil try to attack Jake before the bell but that fails as Jake clotheslines them both. The bell rings as Jake hits a knee lift then chases DiBiase around for a bit until he makes it outside. DiBiase finally comes back inside as Jake takes him down in the corner, right near Damien. DiBiase bails again to avoid the DDT then Jake stomps on Virgil’s hand, which is in a cast. Jake works the arm now then DiBiase bails again to escape a DDT. Jake heads out and uses a double noggin-knocker then chases DiBiase around. Virgil provides a distraction as DiBiase attacks from behind and works on the injured neck. DiBiase taunts Jake to get up as the crowd is chanting “Lets go Jake.” DiBiase stalks over to Jake but gets caught with a swinging neckbreaker as both men are down. He backdrops DiBiase then fires away. Jake hits an inverted atomic drop then hits a few knee smashes until Virgil jumps up on the apron. Jake knocks him off then hits a short-armed clothesline as the crowd goes nuts as they want to see the DDT. Jake is about to put DiBiase away but Virgil runs in for the save and the DQ (15:09) ***. DiBiase beats on Jake as Virgil backs the referee in the corner then Virgil puts Jake in a chinlock as DiBiase smacks him across the face with a fan of $100 bills. Jake drives Virgil into the corner then after DiBiase turns around from talking with the ref beats him down as DiBiase bails. Jake chases after him then runs back in to beat on Virgil and hit him with the DDT. Jake gets Damien out as the crowd is going insane and he puts him over his face.

Thoughts: I really liked this match. The psychology was tight and the crowd was into this more than anything else on the show as they were dying to see Jake hit DiBiase with the DDT and went nuts everytime it was teased. Never a dull moment in this one.


Sean Mooney is backstage as we get interviews from the competitors in the Dino Bravo vs. Hercules and Macho King Randy Savage vs. Jim Duggan matches.


Bad News Brown vs. Tito Santana

Bad News attacks Tito before the bell then chokes him out with his own shirt. Bad News misses a charge in the corner then Tito stomps away. Bad News catches Tito with a clothesline then chokes him out against the ropes then on the mat. Tito comes back with a crossbody for a two count then hits a monkey flip for another nearfall. Bad News fights back and fishhooks Tito and soon after that tosses him to the floor. Bad News nails Tito in the ribs with a chair in front of the ref, who does not call for the bell. He even hits Tito again with the chair then goes inside and raises his hand and even gets a few cheers. Tito slingshots back in with a sunset flip for two but Bad News goes right back to work after that. Tito fights back and gives Bad News a taste of his own medicine by tossing him outside and hitting him with the chair as Gorilla brings up how the ref is not going to disqualify you so why not use a chair. Back inside, Tito hits some mounted punches in the corner. Bad News fights back then unfastens the turnbuckle pad in the corner behind the referee’s back. Tito blocks a turnbuckle smash then rams Bad News against the steel then softens up the leg. He signals for the figure four but Bad News tosses him down. Tito ducks the Ghetto Blaster then sends Bad News outside with the flying forearm. Bad News is pissed and grabs a chair and slides it inside but Tito runs over and they fight over it as Tito yanks it outside then pulls Bad News out too. They brawl and try to get the chair but end up getting counted out (15:53) **1/4. They continue to fight after the match as Bad News retreats once Tito has the chair.

Thoughts: This match was decent enough and had some heat towards the end. I’m kinda shocked they protected Tito here with the finish as he had been steadily sliding down the card since the Strike Force split. You would think the finish would result in a rematch on the next show but that was not the case. This match was also shown on the 12/25/89 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling.”


Brother Love Show with guest Elizabeth. He talks about how Rick Rude will humiliate Roddy Piper then welcomes Queen Sherri, calling her the definition of a lady. He then brings out Elizabeth and calls her a “jezebel.” Both Brother Love and Sherri make fun of Elizabeth and call her “plastic” and says she does not have any class. Sherri says that Savage gave her everything and took here everywhere but it was not enough for her then calls her out for being a commoner just like Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Elizabeth pisses off Sherri by saying as far as she is concerned, Duggan is still the King of the WWF. Sherri tells her Savage will kick Duggan’s butt just like she will do to her but Elizabeth tells Sherri she is not afraid of her then Brother Love steps in between of them as things get heated. Duggan comes in and runs off Sherri as we are down to Brother Love and Elizabeth as Brother Love corners her and says she needs to learn about love but Duggan whacks him with the 2×4 then tosses him outside as the crowd applauds. The crowd was hot for this as Brother Love & Sherri did a great job at being scumbag heels in bullying Elizabeth, who stood up for herself and got helped out by Duggan. Sherri was truly great in her role as Savage’s manager.


Dino Bravo vs. Hercules

They lockup to start then Bravo works a wrist lock. Hercules fights him off and backs Bravo to the corner where he ducks out on the apron. Hercules now works the wrist lock then they end up in the ropes where Bravo lands a cheap shot after a break. He chokes out Hercules with his foot but ends up eating boot on a charge. Bravo bails after getting clotheslined then heads back in where Hercules works the leg. Bravo escapes and stomps Hercules before applying a reverse chinlock. Bravo now uses a bearhug that Hercules finally escapes from then Hercules fires up and makes his comeback but gets caught with a side suplex with what appeared to be the win but the ref paused instead of counting to three so Bravo drops an elbow for the win then immediately storms up the aisle (9:11) 1/2*.

Thoughts: The match was dreadfully boring and the finish was horrendous. Bravo storming off at the end showed us all how he felt about the botched finish too. Bravo winning does make sense as he was getting a TV push in a feud against the Ultimate Warrior while Hercules continues to flounder as this underwhelming program has come to an end. This match was shown on the 4/2/90 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling.”


King’s Crown Match: Macho King Randy Savage w/ Queen Sherri vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Savage bails so Duggan chases him around and ends up pulling him out of the ring as he hammers away. They are inside where Duggan takes Savage over with a hip toss and follows that with a slam. Sherri gets on the apron as the second referee orders her down. Duggan hits an atomic drop but Sherri grabs his leg after that and distracts him enough to allow Savage the opportunity to attack. Duggan is knocked outside as Savage follows out and hammers away. Savage gets two with a flying double axe handle then Sherri is up on the apron and falls inside as Savage stays in control. Sherri is screaming at Savage to get Duggan, who catches Savage with a clothesline. Duggan hits a few more clotheslines and sets up for the Three Point Stance but he sidesteps him as Duggan rams into the corner. Savage hits another flying double axe handle but Duggan was also able to hit him in the gut as both men are down. Sherri is back on the apron as both referees try to order her down. The crowd goes nuts as Elizabeth runs down and gives Duggan her loaded purse as he whacks Savage, who falls outside and gets counted out (7:33) **3/4.

Thoughts: Hot match that never had a dull moment. The finish was cool too as Savage got his comeuppance and got hit by a loaded purse from Elizabeth, who returned the favor to Duggan here. The finish protects Savage in the sense he does not lose the crown. Duggan’s series with Savage produced the best matches in his WWF career, IMO.


Mooney is backstage to conduct interviews between competitors in next month’s matches including Jake Roberts vs. Ted DiBiase in a No Disqualification match, Rick Rude vs. Roddy Piper in a steel cage (These were Event Center promos), Demolition vs. Colossal Connection for the Tag Team Titles (Event Center promos), as this show will take place on December 28th. Solid lineup for the final MSG show of the decade.


Final Thoughts: Despite drawing one of the poorest crowds in years, this turned out to be a pretty good show. I have no idea if there was a storm or if it was due to the main event feud not being enough of a draw but those who did show up were a lively bunch. The action was better than usual too and I recommend seeking this out if you can. Unfortunately, it is not currently available on the WWE Network.


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