Is Cesaro the best tag guy of the decade?

Hey Scott,

I was just thinking that as much as people crow about pushing Cesaro into a role as a main-event singles guy, his track-record as the greatest tag-guy of the current generation is pretty much unshakable. He didn’t win a billion titles like the Briscoes or the Hardyz. But in terms of versatility, he was part of five very different teams with five very different partners and all of them ended with his partner being in a better spot. Swiss Money Holding got two independent Swiss wrestlers to America. Kings of Wrestling turned Chris Hero from "that CZW guy" to a true indie superstar. Real Americans got Jack Swagger a Wrestlemania match for a World Title. Kidd & Cesaro gave Kidd charisma and a new lease on a wrestling career (well, for a little while). And his current work with Sheamus turned Sheamus from the third most important guy in an useless four man stable into a contributing portion of the show.

So, given all of that, is it ridiculous to say that Cesaro is one of the greatest working tag-team wrestlers?

Hmmmmm…there’s a lot of caveats and "Yes, but…" in there. I’d say he’s equally adept at singles or tag wrestling, though.