Heavenly express

So previously I asked you to make Sofia’s Choice between the Midnight Express and the Rock n Rolls, and you dodged it (as one does) because it’s a hard decision to make.

Then with the smokey mountain recaps, I found myself thinking of the Heavenly Bodies. How do you rate that tag team? Do you have any fond memories of them? Do you suggest they are at the level of the Midnights or Rock n Rolls?

I’m always anxious to hear your opinion about certain wrestlers (even if you can’t offer one because their material wasn’t available to you).

‚ÄčLane and Prichard were GREAT. Del Ray and Prichard were a good, serviceable top territorial tag team. The match against the Thrillseekers at Night of Legends remains their pinnacle, I think, but you didn’t often get bad matches out of either version of the team. ‚Äč