Randy “Bore”ton

Lost in the whole "WTF Jinder Mahal" nonsense is the fact that for some reason WWE keeps plugging Orton as a top babyface despite continuously failing in that role for 15 years. The fans pop for his music "I hear voices…", and then sit bored chanting RANDY SAVAGE until they pop again for the RKO. Why in 2017 are we still getting failed babyface Orton runs?

‚ÄčOrton’s a GREAT babyface. It’s his generic heel act that’s so deathly dull. Now, if you’re talking the last year or so, Orton’s just been completely shut down by injuries and totally unmotivated, so that’s different. But he’ll always look like a star and a get big reaction for the RKO, so Vince will always keep pushing him.‚Äč