Don’t do this to me Waylon

Hey Scott

Just got thinking about Mr Daniel Spivey after reading your Starrcade 92 Review (insert link here)

I’ve heard that when he went to wwf in the 90’s his push as Waylon Mercy got derailed due to health issues?

I’ve always wondered what these issues were

Was his body worn away after years of working the high impact All Japan style for Baba?

Was it drug related?

Or did he just have an illness?

I like his Japan work, as well as the now infamous Wrestle War match with Luger in wcw that some how defied logic to be a bit of a forgotten classic, and always thought it was a shame that the Mercy gimmick was cut short

​Oh yeah, his body was SHOT. Being tall is hard enough on the knees as it is (I’m 6’4" myself and can definitely relate) but to work that hard All Japan style on top of it? It’s a miracle that Undertaker lasted as long as he did, and even then he could only go with a year in between at the end. ​