Bray Wyatt

While the House of Horrors would have been awful on every level no matter who was involved, is it safe to call Bray Wyatt a bust at this point? He’s been on the main roster for 4 years, has lost to nearly everyone, and has never really had a classic or defining match. Is it about time for a reboot?

​Yeah, I think we’ll recall Elimination Chamber and the two weeks he got to be World champion as his peak, unfortunately. It’s too bad, because how do you fuck up a guy who has IRS for a dad and Barry Windham for an uncle, and is actually named WINDHAM ROTUNDA?

What really stings is that Braun Strowman has surpassed him in every way and seemingly silenced all the criticisms we had about him. Meanwhile Bray just keeps singing songs and being somewhat spooky in the midcard.​