Bray Wyatt = Embarassing

So my wife has put up with my wrestling fandom nearly a decade and is fine with the kids loving it and watching. She’s a casual watcher, occasionally finding a guy she openly supports (John Morrison, Edge, and Punk were her favorites). Last night, after 2-hours of sitting in the living room, the House of Horrors match comes on and she turns and says "Seriously, what is this stupidity?" Gets up, leaves room. Tonight during Raw, she’s not paying attention until Bray’s on screen and again she’s like "what is this shit?!"

Can you think of another gimmick where the "occasional fan" would be totally turned off? Is there any wrestler your wife looks at that makes you feel embarrassed to be a fan?

​Oh, I’d say that’s a pretty clear cut win for the Boogeyman. Vince + Supernatural Gimmicks has only really yielded gold once.​