House of Horrors

Hey Scott…we were at the arena tonight and you were right on in your review.

Your entire description of the Wyatt/Orton debacle was one of the funniest things Danielle and I have EVER read on your site because it was basically the same thing we were thinking the entire time we were watching.

Thanks for making us laugh.

I don’t have a lot of match reviews where I give it the full negative monty and EVERYONE agrees, but this was one of them.

Here’s my write-up on the match for Sporting News as well:

And another live perspective…

Hey Scott–
As someone who was there live last night, thought you and the Blog might appreciate these live tidbits regarding the “House of Horrors” last night.
1. About five minutes in, the pre-taped buffoonery, along with putting up and taking down purple ropes, was the designated bathroom break for the majority of the arena.
2. By the time Bray dropped the fridge on Randy and started his ten-minute crawl outside, and huge “BORING” chant began circulating through SAP Center.
3. In a moment of MST3K brilliance, Bray crawls in the limo and says “take me to the arena” in the dead of night. Sunset wasn’t until 7:40pm in San Jose yesterday.
4. But the greatest crime of that abomination? Other than the Hardys and Bayley, Jinder Mahal and his goons received¬†the biggest babyface pop of the night.¬†The House of Horrors turned Jinder “The Ratings Hinder” face, to the point where I will not be shocked if he wins the belt at Backlash.
It’s fitting that Randy Orton was a participant in that match last night, as he’s already provided us with the best review: “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!”