I’m plowing through Lucha Underground and digging Vampiro both as a character and announcer. I first encountered him in the pre-dying days of WCW, with the ICP feuding with the Filthy Animals, then the terrible shit with the Misfits and Sting. I always thought he had a great look and was decent in ring but couldn’t overcome WCW stupidity. I’m actually shocked to find he was a major star in Canada and Mexico and according to the observers, a "Best Babyface" finalist!!! What the deal with him in the early 90s? Could he have been a bigger star? Was WWF ever interested? Since they got Gangrel and the Brood in 98, it’s obvious vampires were an in thing.

​I think the WWF might have been interested, but Vampiro was famously difficult to deal with, to say the least, and he was getting an amazing deal working Mexico so he’d have little incentive to jump to the WWF for a non-guaranteed deal where he wasn’t a big star. I think he might have gone at one point, but he would have flaked out or done something stupid and been gone too quick to make an impact. ​