Montreal question

Hey Scott

It’s been a while since the Montreal Screwjob was discussed on the blog and I was wondering about looking at it from a slightly different angle. Have you ever heard any testimony from the really old guard about what they thought about what went down? I mean guys like the late Gorilla Monsoon, Gerald Brisco, Tony Garea – some of the old timers that worked behind the scenes at the time. I can’t recall any of them speaking out at the time (being staunch old defenders of kayfabe, no doubt) but I’ve always wondered whose camp some of them were in? On that note, it’s such a shame Monsoon died relatively young, one can only imagine how good a shoot with him would have been during the 2000’s.

​From what Bret has described over the years, most of them warned him about what was going to happen because they had seen similar situations before. But I bet most of them were too worried about losing their jobs to side with anyone but Vince regardless. ​