Mid-South Wrestling – August 19th, 1982

August 19, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

Tonight, we will see Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia defend the Tag Team Titles against Ted DiBiase & Jim Duggan. Plus, Killer Khan defending the Louisiana Heavyweight Title against Iron Mike Sharpe, the return of Dick Murdoch, debut of Kevin Von Erich, and more!


Watts lets us know that Paul Ellering re-injured his knee again and is out of action. He then lets us know that matchmaker Grizzly Smith has agreed to give JYD a North American Heavyweight Title shot provided he retains the Tag Team Titles.


Billy Starr vs. Kevin Von Erich

Watts puts over the prestige of the Von Erich family a lot on commentary. Kevin dropkicks Starr then soon after that works a bow-and-arrow hold on the mat. Kevin hits another dropkick but gets backed into the corner. Kevin fights back and hits a running forearm smash before picking up the victory with a splash (3:18).

Thoughts: Not much of a match. I do not even know if Kevin wrestled in Mid-South on TV again but he was over a bit here. According to Kevin, Watts told him his main goal was to put his father out of business.


Mid-South Tag Team Title Match: Ted DiBiase & Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia (c)

JYD takes Duggan over with a hip toss to start. They fight over a slam as JYD wins that battle then Duggan talks things over with DiBiase. Duggan is still unable to gain the upper hand and goes to tag out but DiBiase waves him over instead and speaks to him. Olympia tags and mixes it up with Duggan then DiBiase finally tags in as Olympia gets a nearfall with a crossbody. Olympia hits a slam and runs over to tag JYD but DiBiase scurries over to Duggan and tags out. Duggan decks JYD after DiBiase provided a distraction as the challengers work over JYD in the corner. JYD fights back and slams DiBiase, who once again tags out. Olympia is in there now too and starts working the arm. JYD is in now and stays on the arm then slugs it out until getting kneed in the back by DiBiase. Duggan beats JYD down then tags out as DiBiase hits a few fist drops then starts targeting the back and neck. JYD fights back and hits a headbutt but DiBiase rakes the eyes and tags out. Olympia is in and runs wild on Duggan but the match breaks down. JYD is the last one left standing then is ordered to the apron. Olympia staggers over to JYD and goes to make the tag but Duggan shoves him from behind and he knocks JYD off of the apron but did make the tag. DiBiase catches Olympia with a powerslam then puts on the figure four but JYD breaks that up and hits a powerslam for the win (7:17) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Good match. This was all action and a blast to watch. The end means that JYD does get a future North American Title shot too. I felt the finish here was creative as well.


Tug Taylor vs. Dick Murdoch

Murdoch beats on Taylor then hits a slam before grounding him with a side headlock. Taylor tries to fight back but Murdoch hits a dropkick then soon after that puts Taylor away with a brainbuster (2:31).

Thoughts: Murdoch completely dominated Taylor here. We also learned that next week, Murdoch will be facing DiBiase for the North American Title.


Louisiana Heavyweight Title Match: Killer Khan (c) w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Khan knocks Sharpe down to start. Sharpe gets up and works the arm for a bit until Khan grabs a front facelock. Sharpe breaks out and goes back to the armbar until Khan backs him in the corner and hammers away. Khan starts attacking the ankle of Sharpe for a bit. Sharpe fight back until Khan once again backs him into the corner. He hits a few knee smashes but misses an elbow drop as Sharpe starts firing away. Akbar jumps up onto the apron then Sharpe chases him away but Khan attacks from behind. Khan hits a slam then hits the flying knee smash but Akbar tells him to break the hold and hit the piledriver. He picks up Sharpe, who counters the hold with a backdrop as Akbar is beside himself. Sharpe drags Akbar inside and goes to hit a slam but in the process of picking up Akbar he hits the referee and sends him flying outside. Khan attacks Sharpe then Akbar joins in on the fun until Buck Robley runs in for the save. Akbar and Robley go outside then Khan tries for something but Sharpe turns that into a small package as the referee crawled back inside and that gets the win as Sharpe is the new Louisiana Heavyweight Champion (7:28) **1/4.

Thoughts: The action was okay here but I really liked the finish as Akbar more interested in getting revenge on Sharpe cost his client the title. Akbar getting the piledriver reinstated backfired too and that actually made this an interesting storyline.


Mike Bond vs. Mr. Wrestling II

Mr. Wrestling II takes control to start as he grounds his opponent. Bond takes over now and hits a backbreaker then goes for the mask but Mr. Wrestling II fights back and lays into Bond then puts him away with a running knee lift (3:18).

Thoughts: Although older, Mr. Wrestling II could still go in the ring at this point as he is now back in Mid-South.


One Man Gang and Buck Robley are out for their match. However, Akbar is now out in his wrestling trunks and says he’s been accused of hiding behind his men then calls out Robley and demands a match. Robley agrees and then Gang provides a distraction, allowing Akbar to attack from behind.


Col. Buck Robley vs. Skandor Akbar

Akbar hammers away but Robley fights back. Gang is back on the apron as Robley attacks him then Akbar tries to throw a fireball but Robley kicks him down. Gang runs in for the attack as the match is ruled a DQ (0:40). Robley gets double-teamed until Mr. Wrestling II, Dick Murdoch, and Iron Mike Sharpe run out for the save.

Thoughts: Nice angle here as Robley is another wrestler who will be feuding with Akbar and his men.


Watts & Pierce are interviewing Duggan & DiBiase, who yells about being ripped off by JYD as he claims to have had Mr. Olympia beat with the figure four. He then blames the referee for why they are not the Tag Team Titles. DiBiase says he is only required to defend the North American Heavyweight Title once every 30 days then says Mid-South is stacking the deck against him by making him face Murdoch then yells at Murdoch about saying he’s not a kid anymore and demands respect as the champion. Watts wants DiBiase to address the North American Heavyweight Title match against JYD but DiBiase demands an impartial referee and a Tag Team Title rematch.


Final Thoughts: This was an excellent show. We had two title matches and one title change plus they featured other talents and started another feud. They also set up for next week’s main event with DiBiase facing his former mentor in Murdoch. For those wanting to watch this on the WWE Network, its listed as the 8/21/82 episode.


Here is my schedule for the rest of the week:

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Wednesday: PROGRESS Orlando 3/31/17

Thursday: Highspots Shoot Interview with Curtis Hughes

Friday: WWF Madison Square Garden 11/25/89

Sunday: Mid-South Wrestling 8/26/82