WWF 1989 Survivor Series

November 23, 1989

From the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago, IL

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon


The show starts off with several wrestlers telling us what they are thankful for in honor of Thanksgiving.


The Enforcers (Big Bossman w/ Slick & “The Model” Rick Martel & Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart & Bad News Brown) vs. The Dream Team (Dusty Rhodes & Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake & Tito Santana & Red Rooster)

Bad News was a replacement for Akeem, who hurt himself about a week before the show and would miss a little over a month of action. Honky goes after a distracted Tito, who fights back. Honky boots Tito to counter a backdrop then Martel tags and hits a dropkick after an Irish whip sequence. They end in a stalemate then tag out as Dusty and Bossman mix it up. Dusty hits an elbow smash then tags Beefcake. Bossman rakes Beefcake’s eyes as Beefcake gets caught in the wrong corner. He fights out and tags Rooster, who lands a few shots on Martel but quickly finds himself in trouble. Honky beats on Rooster for a bit but Rooster fights back and makes the tag as Tito runs wild on Martel but fails to put on the figure four. Tito gets Martel in a reverse rollup but Martel reverses and grabs the tights for the pin as Tito is eliminated (9:44). We see the same woman (Sapphire, who has yet to be given a name at this point) on TV this past week wearing polka dots and cheering for Dusty, who is now in with Martel. Dusty takes control as Martel is now getting worked over in the opposite corner. Martel takes Rooster down then tags out as Bossman is beating on Rooster. He puts on a bearhug and it looks very weak if I might say so myself. Rooster escapes by biting. Bossman tags Bad News, who is in the ring for the first time. Bad News roughs up Rooster but then gets upset and shoves Bossman after getting hit by accident as Bad News shoves the other teammates before walking out as its even now at 3 vs. 3 (15:27). Beefcake gets beat on for a bit but fights back and hits Honky with a high knee for the win (17:26). Martel is in and puts Beefcake in a chinlock. Beefcake escapes but Martel cuts him off with a knee smash then stomps away. The ref catches Martel as he grabs the ropes for leverage when blocking Beefcake’s sunset flip then Beefcake reverses and gets the pin (20:15). Rooster fires away on Bossman but gets caught with the sidewalk slam and gets pinned (21:00). Beefcake & Dusty use quick tags to stay in control then Dusty hits a crossbody for the win (22:04) **1/4. After the match, Bossman takes the nightstick and beats down both men. He chokes out Dusty with the nightstick until Beefcake clears the ring with his hedge clippers.

Thoughts: I thought this started off well enough but became lame and predictable towards the end.  Although, I will say the pace was decent. The Bad News walking out on his team stuff had already been done the previous year and we didn’t need to see it again. I know they needed a replacement and all but after seeing what Bad News did last year and promoting on TV the fact he was not part of this PPV because he is his own man who dislikes teams, it didnt make any sense. They could have just as easily replaced him with one of the Bolsheviks or something. The end kept Beefcake strong and prolonged the Dusty/Bossman feud although it seemed like Beefcake/Martel is all but over now as that was not mentioned much on TV.


Sean Mooney catches up with Bossman & Slick at the curtain as Bossman rants about serving Dusty with more justice.


Gene Okerlund is with the 4×4’s team as they promise to defeat the King’s Court.


The King’s Court (Macho King Randy Savage w/ Queen Sherri & Dino Bravo & Canadian Earthquake & Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. The 4×4’s (Hacksaw Jim Duggan & “Rugged” Ronnie Garvin & Bret Hart & Hercules)

The 4×4’s immediately clear the ring. Duggan brings Savage back inside then Hercules tags and slams him near his own corner. Valentine tags and is hit with an atomic drop as Hercules is in control. Bret is in now and works the arm as Valentine is in trouble. Garvin tags in and chops away before applying a sleeper. Valentine manages to get out and trip up Garvin as he tags Bravo, who is now in control. Garvin tags out after avoiding an elbow drop as Hercules runs wild. Bravo reverses a whip and sends Hercules into the corner then tags Earthquake, who puts Hercules away with a sitdown splash (3:56). Duggan finally knocks Earthquake down after Bret helped trip him up. Garvin is in now but Earthquake fights back and tags out as Bravo is in control and taunts Bret. The King’s Court beat on Garvin for a while then Valentine and Garvin light each other up with chops. Duggan makes a blind tag and clotheslines Valentine for the pin (7:31). Bravo runs in to attack Duggan then tags Savage, who clotheslines Duggan on the top rope for two. Duggan is in trouble but fights out then Garvin tags and hits Bravo with the Garvin Stomp. Bret and Savage face off now as Bret takes him down with an inverted atomic drop after some head games. Bravo is back in and Bret takes him down then Garvin comes in but Bravo soon puts him away with the side slam as its now 3 vs. 2 (11:18). Bret & Duggan quickly take control now as they are at a man disadvantage. Savage rakes Bret across the eyes but misses a knee drop as Bret hits a backbreaker for a two count. Bret misses an elbow drop from the middle rope after a brief flurry as Bravo is now in the match. He puts Bret in a bearhug then Earthquake comes in and uses a lifting chokehold then Bret kicks out as Earthquake is shocked. Bret dodges an attack as Bravo accidentally hits Savage then tags out as Duggan now runs wild on Savage. Duggan misses an elbow drop then Bret tags in but is quickly backed into the opposing corner and gets beat down by Bravo then Savage tags in and hits the flying elbow drop for the win as Sherri and Jimmy are celebrating on the outside (19:07). The crowd gets behind Duggan as he fights off all three guys and clears the ring as the crowd goes wild. Duggan hits Bravo & Savage with a double clothesline but Earthquake attacks him from behind and drops an elbow for a two count. Sherri then pulls the ropes down on Duggan as he spills outside and Earthquake attacks him too as Duggan gets counted out as the King’s Court win the match (22:25) *3/4. After the match, Duggan clears the ring after hitting everyone with his 2×4.

Thoughts: Besides Garvin and Valentine chopping each other hard and when Bret was in the ring, this match was not good at all. Plus, it was too long for what it accomplished. I also felt the ending was lame as losing at a 3 vs. 1 disadvantage is not the worst thing in the world for a babyface and you didnt need to do a cheap countout like that, IMO. The Savage/Duggan feud is starting to lose steam too. Earthquake was established as a threat but him getting knocked down a few times here was something else that didnt need to happen. Keep him as strong as possible here, especially where he was only in the ring for a limited amount of time.


Gene Okerlund tells us that Dusty Rhodes is being checked on medically and that Dusty vows to serve Bossman with some justice.


The Genius reads up a poem for Thanksgiving, telling us we should be thankful that he is the world’s smartest man.


The Million Dollar Team (“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil & Powers of Pain w/ Mr. Fuji & Zeus) vs. The Hulkamaniacs (Hulk Hogan & Jake Roberts & Demolition)

The members of the Hulkamaniacs team all get their own separate entrance. Jake takes out Damien to clear the ring before the bell. The crowd goes nuts as Zeus calls out Hogan to start the match. Hogan accepts and they have a staredown that leads to a shoving match. Hogan bounces off of Zeus as the crowd once again chants for Hogan. Zeus doesn’t budge as Hogan hammers away but Hogan rakes his eyes and hits a slam. Zeus pops up then Hogan gets tripped up as Zeus chokes out Hogan on the mat and refuses to break the hold. Zeus shoves the ref then goes back to choking and still does not break as the ref goes flying again and Zeus ends up getting disqualified as Jesse says Hogan had to be saved by the ref and that will not happen in their steel cage match on December 27th (3:22). The rest of the Million Dollar Team finally get Zeus to stop then DiBiase starts roughing up Hogan. DiBiase eats boot on a charge then Hogan tags out as Jake hammers away in the corner. He clotheslines DiBiase over the top rope then follows out and rams him into the post. Back inside, Ax tags in and clubs away. Demolition are beating down DiBiase now and Hogan joins in for a bit too as part of a triple-team attack. DiBiase is finally able to tag out as the Powers of Pain beat on Ax. Fuji trips up Ax as he starts gaining some momentum then the Warlord covers for the pin (9:51). Smash comes in to beat on Warlord then Hogan tags in and stays on the attack. Smash gets Warlord up for a slam but Warlord thumbs him in the eye. Barbarian is in now and after some back-and-forth takes control of the match. DiBiase works a rear chinlock for a bit but misses a falling back elbow drop from the middle rope. Smash tries to attack DiBiase as Jesse does not understand why he is not tagging out then Barbarian makes a blind tag and clotheslines Smash for the pin (13:44). Jake runs in and tries for a DDT but Barbarian counters with a backdrop. Jake gets beat on by the Powers of Pain as Hogan tries to rally his partner. DiBiase cheap shots Hogan as Jake is still in trouble. DiBiase taunts Jake as he stomps him then drops the knee a few times to the back of Jake’s neck. Jake manages to kick out of a pin after a piledriver then the Barbarian heads up top for a flying headbutt that misses as Hogan finally tags into the match. Hogan runs wild on Barbarian after clearing the ring. DiBiase and Roberts are fighting outside of the ring then the Powers of Pain hit Hogan with a spike piledriver but the ref sees this and disqualifies both members of the Powers of Pain (19:43). DiBiase puts Hogan in the Million Dollar Dream but Jake makes the save before the ref can raise his hand a third time as Jesse rants about Hogan needing to be saved for the third time and that the ref should have also disqualified Jake. Hogan breaks out of another Million Dollar Dream attempt then catches DiBiase with a punch as he came off of the top and makes the tag. Jake fires up and beats on DiBiase then Virgil jumps up on the apron. Jake drags him inside and hits the DDT but DiBiase drops an elbow then puts his feet on the ropes for leverage and eliminates Jake as its down to DiBiase vs. Hogan, who is still down on the apron (23:52). DiBiase gets a nearfall then applies a chinlock to wear Hogan down. Hogan fights out then runs DiBiase over but both men end up on the mat after clotheslining each other. DiBiase is up first and hits a back suplex then taunts the crowd but Hogan hulks up and fires away then hits the big boot and puts DiBiase away with the leg drop (27:32) **1/4.

Thoughts: This match had its ups and downs. There was some decent work here in the middle but the Zeus vs. Hogan stuff was cold coming in and trying to sell another PPV match with them seemed like overkill to me, especially since Hogan is 2-0 in their matches. Zeus should have at least eliminated Hogan, it would at least have done a better job at selling the next PPV. The spike piledriver spot had to be a rib on The Brainbusters, who were using that behind the referees back’s to win matches. DiBiase looked good here and his confrontations with Jake were decent and Jesse going off on Hogan for needing to be bailed out by the ref all match long was a good time. Ultimately, it went on for too long and DiBiase had been slowly dropping down the card all year long and did not seem like a credible threat to beat Hogan at the end.


Sean Mooney is with Savage, Sherri, and Zeus to discuss their tag team steel cage match against Hogan & Beefcake as part of the No Holds Barred PPV. We then cut to Okerlund in the locker room with Hogan & Beefcake, who both survived tonight. Hogan and Beefcake says they will win the cage match and put both men out of the WWF. Sherri interrupts and starts screaming then tosses powder in their faces as Zeus & Savage run in to attack them. Several other wrestlers run in to pull Zeus & Savage off. Another attempt to have us purchase the upcoming PPV.


Mooney is with the Rude’s Brood Survivor Series team as they promise to defeat Roddy’s Rowdies as Rude shows off his tights that have his teammates faces airbrushed on them. Okerlund then interviews Roddy’s Rowdies as they come out of the locker room screaming and devouring a cooked turkey.


Rude’s Brood (“Ravishing” Rick Rude & Mr. Perfect w/ The Genius & Fabulous Rougeau Brothers w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Rowdy’s Roddies (Roddy Piper & Jimmy Snuka & The Bushwhackers)

Gorilla gets in a line about not wanting to have The Genius walking behind him and when Jesse asked why, Gorilla replied “look at him.” Heenan is not with Rude here as the announcers are shocked. Perfect beats on Luke to start. Luke tags Butch after avoiding an elbow smash as Butch starts biting Perfect. Piper is in now and bites as the other members of the team join in on the fun. Jacques makes the tag and shows off his agility as Snuka starts chanting. Snuka hits a flying headbutt then chops Jacques down. Snuka follows with a backbreaker and drops a knee then shortly after that puts him away with the Superfly Splash (4:03). Rude comes in and fires away but Snuka fights back. Perfect tags in and accidentally gets low-bridged by Rude, who was trying to pull himself back up to the apron. Piper is in as Rowdy’s Roddies are taking care of Perfect. Jacques tags in and slugs it out with Piper. He gets two with a savate kick but Piper catches him then hits a piledriver for the pin as both of the Rougeaus have already been eliminated (7:41). Perfect beats on Piper and grabs a front facelock. Piper escapes and sends Perfect into the corner with a slingshot. The Bushwhackers beat on Perfect too then Piper comes back in and taunts and stares down Rude before knocking Perfect down. Butch tags in and starts playing to the fans after biting Perfect in the ass but Perfect surprises him with a reverse rollup (10:47). The faces beat on Perfect again then Rude tags in and gets bit by Luke. Rude leapfrogs Luke and kicks him in the gut before putting him away with the Rude Awakening (13:17). Snuka comes in but Perfect and Rude start cutting off the ring. Snuka nearly puts Perfect away with a small package then takes him down with a flying headbutt. Both men collide then tag out as Piper slowly gets in and stares down Rude before they engage in a slugfest that looked great. Piper nails Perfect then takes Rude outside and spills out with him as they brawl up the ramp and end up getting counted out (18:38). Perfect hammers away on Snuka now as they are the last two in the match. He dropkicks Snuka through the ropes then suplexes him back into the ring for a two count. They work a pinfall reversal sequence next then Snuka chops Perfect hard into the corner. Perfect rolls through a crossbody and almost puts Snuka away and shortly after that gets the win with a Perfect Plex (21:30) **. After the match, The Genius prances around in celebration but Snuka knocks them together and beats on The Genius until Perfect makes the save.

Thoughts: Perfect worked his ass off here but this match was too slow and plodding except for the end. The Rougeaus were treated like jobbers here as they got bounced rather quickly as their position on the card is dropping. The Bushwhackers antics were over and the Rude/Piper stuff was really good. At least the person getting the push was the survivor.


Mooney is with Rude’s Brood as they celebrate and asks Rude about Heenan’s whereabouts and possible conflict within the Heenan Family. Rude blows him off and gloats about his team winning.


Okerlund is with the Ultimate Warrior’s Team. Warrior acts like a lunatic, even more than usual here.


The Heenan Family (Andre Giant & Haku & Arn Anderson & Bobby Heenan) vs. The Ultimate Warriors (Ultimate Warrior & Jim Neidhart & The Rockers)

The announcers want to know why Heenan is dressed in his wrestling gear yet never acknowledge Tully Blanchard’s absence or even mention his name. Andre attacks Neidhart & The Rockers before Warrior comes out but Warrior does make the save. Warrior knocks Andre to the floor and Andre ends up getting counted out as the Heenan Family are in shock (0:26). Arn gets beat down for a bit but is able to fight back and tag out. Andre is stumbling around outside and wants to go back in the ring but is ordered to the locker room. Neidhart is trapped in the wrong corner and fights off Arn but gets kicked in the back of the head by Haku and gets eliminated (3:30). Shawn is in but Haku cuts him off. He avoids an attack as the Rockers start double-teaming Haku. Arn is in and elbows Marty to the back of the neck. Shawn makes the save during a double suplex and come back with stereo super kicks. Warrior is in now and chops Haku in the corner. Arn tags in and gets worked over until Marty is trapped in the wrong corner. Arn knees Marty from the apron and Haku hits a thrust kick for a nearfall. Heenan then tags and hits some stomps then a knee drop for the pin (8:49). Warrior is in and catches Arn with a bearhug. Arn rakes the eyes and tags out but Warrior catches Haku with a bearhug. Shawn is in and gets beat down for a minute but fights back. Warrior tags then uses a Rocket Launcher with Shawn as that gets a two count. Shawn ducks a crossbody from Haku then climbs up top and hits one of his own for the win (12:51). Heenan goes after Shawn then Warrior runs in but Arn tosses Shawn outside. Heenan climbs up top but gets down as Shawn slingshots back in with a sunset flip for two. Heenan refuses a tag at first but Heenan agrees the second time as Shawn fires away. Heenan tags right out as Arn and Shawn collide. Shawn is up first and fires away but Arn blocks a monkey flip then catches Shawn with a spinebuster for the pin as its 2 vs. 1 (15:38). Warrior runs over Arn a few times but dumps outside after Arn sidesteps a charge. Heenan lands some punches inside then Arn comes in and Warrior fights off both and rams Arn into Heenan then hits the press slam/splash combo to eliminate Arn (18:18). Heenan gets up and into the ring as Warrior sneaks up on him. Heenan yells for Arn to come back then turns around and begs for mercy when he sees the Warrior, who slowly beats him down. Heenan tries to leave but Warrior goes out and retrieves him then hits a flying shoulder tackle and clothesline for the win (20:28) **1/2. After the match, Warrior runs up the aisle and knocks Heenan down as he leaves.

Thoughts: For what it was this was pretty fun. The Andre spot was for the best as he was really beat up at this point. Haku and Arn did a lot of the heavy lifting in this one and Shawn got some shine here as well. Having Heenan getting his comeuppance was a fine way to end the show.


Final Thoughts: Overall, not much of a show. The hype heading in was lukewarm at best and while nothing was outright terrible, there was not a single match that I would consider to be good. They also pushed the No Holds Barred PPV a lot but the Zeus/Hogan stuff cooled off considerably after Summer Slam. I’d pass on this show as its not much even for historical purposes.