Jeff Hardy

Scott – I’m watching some 2008 & 2009 stuff on the network. Jeff Hardy is red hot during this time. So I have a couple of questions………

1. What led to Jeff being so over/popular? Was it a particular match or moment or was it an example of the audience wanting someone who wasn’t Cena on top

2. Did the WWE miss out by not pushing Jeff to the moon during this time? He never had a long run with the title. Should they have done more with him or were they wise to keep him near the top but not make him a true top guy because of his history with drugs?

3. Do you think he will be pushed as a single again now that he’s back?

​1. The Undertaker match was a big turning point for him, but mostly it was just that sometimes people with huge amounts of natural charisma just click with the audience and that’s when you need to push them.

2. I think they missed a big opportunity by having Orton beat him at the Royal Rumble, but ultimately the drugs would have made him too hard to bank on long-term, so it’s hard to fault, really. We certainly don’t have all the information that they did.

3. I dunno, I thought Bubba was going to be pushed as a single and Vince just wanted him to be wacky Dudley Boy Bubba. I feel like if anyone’s getting a singles push, it’ll be Broken Matt, since Jeff is so beat up that he’s probably happy to play sidekick and work limited dates by this point.​