Burned Out by the Business

He Scott,

Your response to Renee Dupree in the Overrated/Underrated post got me thinking…

Who’s an example of a guy who had enough of the business by the time he was ready to hit a decent level of success, whether it be by talent or just overall look?

I want to say Mohamed Hassan was getting to be a decent worker before the whole terrorist angle with the Undertaker wrote him off to leave the business and go into real estate (I think that’s what he went into after).

‚ÄčThere has been SO MANY in recent years, it’s not even funny. WWE has chased off tons of talent from NXT, who just decided not to deal with the WWE machine and never returned to the business. They did it to a bunch of the writers, as well. I’m sure people can come up with a million examples.‚Äč