Gino Hernandez

Hey Scott Big Fan of the Blog. Was wondering what your thoughts were on Gino Hernandez. Was watching some of his work in World Class and before that with Tully and the guy was just a total mega heel from what I can tell. Tully has said that at the time of his death he was trying to get him in to JCP to tag with him and be a Horseman, while Chris Adams says that he and Gino were also talking to Vince about coming into the WWF and doing the Dynamic Duo thing. Thoughts on Gino, and how do you think he would have done in JCP or the WWF.

​Unfortunately, Gino was just before my time as a fan and he died before I ever got to see him work, but everything I’ve seen of him since makes me think he would have been a case like Eddie Guerrero: Big star due to his charisma, but unable to handle the pressure of the national scene, which would have made him self-destruct anyway. It might have saved his life in the short-term because he’d away from one toxic environment (the Von Erichs) but I think the time bomb was ticking with him. Clearly he would have been better suited for Crockett, though, and would have slotted right in at the US title level against Magnum or another babyface at that level.​