100% Nakamura

You’ve commented on past reviews how it was "Nakamura at half speed, which is still better than most" that we were getting in the past year. Having limited exposure to him pre-NXT, the best matches of Nakamura that I’ve seen have been versus AJ at Wrestle Kingdom and versus Sami at Takeover. I have noticed, however, that his matches with guys like Joe or Roode have (while still good) seemed like a step down in intensity.

Are the matches with AJ & Sami closer to what you would describe as "full speed Nakamura", or is that still him holding back? And if so, do you have a match example of 100% Shinsuke?

Yeah, the AJ match was definitely the full Shinsuke. I mean, he’s naturally slowing down and doing less as he gets older anyway, so it’s to be expected. He had a match against Tanahashi for the IC title a couple of Wrestle Kingdoms ago that was also fantastic. Really though, if can stay over doing goofy comedy with the Drifter, then more power to him.