Hi Scott

What’s your thoughts on the incredibly miz-judged decision to move the Miz from Smackdown to Raw?

On Smackdown, he was almost joint-top guy with AJ Styles. He was killing it on the mic, in the ring AND on the Talking Smack aftershow.

He had amazing momentum, and they absolutely ruined it and cut the legs out from under him by shoving him on Raw where he’s just another miz-used loser in in the mid-card.

And to make matters worse – we go from the potential of an excellent introductory feud for Nakamura to having Nak shoved with the increasingly-dull Ziggler. I can’t help but think Miz could have come up with something better than the lazy Michael Jackson promo Ziggler cut.

So why did they do it? Was there an actual reason, or was it just some flailing around at the last second to try and make the ‘superstar shakeup’ feel like something actually happened?

​The second thing. Not to mention that they already set up some feuds and direction for Miz after the draft and now he’s basically doing nothing on RAW. It’s a very Miz-terious decision on their part.​