Survivor Series questions

1. Kamala came to the ring with his native head gear and shield. Did he take these large items town-to-town himself or did WWE bring these for Kamala to TV? the items are pretty large and solid, larger than modern luggage.

​Stuff like that counts as props, so the WWF production department would keep it and transport it from city to city in the big trucks. Kamala would be in charge of his own gear, the trunks and makeup and such. ​

2. WWE definitively two summer/fall long programs with gimmick matches on one show where both of the faces won. They also had the face tag teams win the Survivor Series match, the face team of Savage and Perfect win, and the face Champion Bret Hart win. Tatanka also went over continuing his undefeated streak. Did so many good guys win to accentuate Yokozuna’s debut, to ensure the crowd went home happy with almost the entire card winning to replace a Hogan win, or just a lack of heels?

​I really don’t think there was any bigger reasoning behind it. They were in full-on "try anything" mode at that point.​

3. Undertaker won the world title from Hulk Hogan at Survivor Series 91 with Flair’s involvement. When WWE needed to take the title off of Flair in 92, did they consider putting the belt on Undertaker? He could have defended it against Kamala at Survivor Series even in the new casket match and then defended it against a healthy Flair at Royal Rumble. A Undertaker-Hogan rematch at Wrestlemania would have made sense, and Taker could have regained it from Hogan at KOTR before feuding with Yokozuna or Luger over the summer.

​It was somewhat considered, but he was suffering from a shoulder injury at that point and couldn’t do a lot. Plus he just wasn’t a draw when he was put on top, which was something that persisted pretty far into his career. He worked fine as a midcard attraction, but people just weren’t willing to pay to see him as champion or challenging the champion.​