Lightning Round

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Should you choose to participate…

Taking into account age, physique, hair, and ring attire, around which year do you think the following superstars achieved their best look?

​These lightning rounds are getting strangely specific.

Ric Flair

​Gotta go with 1986 jetsetting Flair. ​

Randy Savage

​1988 championship Savage. The robes of a World champion. ​

Hulk Hogan

​I’d say 1997’s Hollywood look. Cool tights, and he wasn’t all roided and puffy by that point.​


​Evil nWo Liz all the way. ​

The Undertaker

​I think his hybrid look that debuted at WM20 was pretty cool.


​I was always a fan of Sgt. Pepper Sting from the early 90s. ​

Steve Austin

​I’m gonna go with 1993 Hollywood Blond Steve. His WWF look was more iconic, but he was falling apart physically. ​

Scott Steiner

​1990 Classic Steiners. ​

C.M. Punk

​The famous 2011 t-shirt look on the cover of his DVD. ​


​Good old hellfire and brimstone Kane from 1999.​

Triple H

​The Game in 2000, before the quad injury blew him up to 3 times his normal size. ​

Arn Anderson

​1989 Brainbusters with the jackets.​