squash matches

Good morning, Scott –

I read pretty much all of the recaps of the syndicated shows of mid-80’s WWF/E until now – mostly to ensure that not one awful Dino Bravo match goes unnoticed.

My question is for the wrestlers’ attitudes towards those tapings – did they (the wrestlers) find value in going out for a 2:00 minute squash? I’m guessing they probably taped 2-3 episodes at a time back then, so maybe each person got to wrestle multiple times?

I guess if I’m Ted DiBiase, I wouldn’t want to travel to Akron just to squash Chuck Casey.

Were those matches valued by the talent? For exposure and merch sales? Or were they a burden, something that was just part of the job?

Dino Bravo Sucks.

They were very valuable! You get your moves over and look​ like a killer. Plus any TV time is valuable time, as evidenced by the fact that Greg Valentine and Warlord can still main event flea markets anywhere in the Northeast to this day.

Really, the only person it didn’t​ benefit was Dino Bravo. Because he was the worst and there was no making him look good or getting his terrible offense over

Dino Bravo sucks.